Top 4 Must-See Emerald Engagement Rings

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Engagements and weddings are a cause for celebration, with an estimated 2.8 million couples committing to tying the knot annually in the United States. Emeralds are a stunning option if you’re looking for a memorable engagement ring for your special someone.

The green stones represent nature and feelings of harmony and life. Finding the perfect gemstone engagement rings is a step toward creating an unforgettable moment with the person you love most. Emerald engagement rings are an option you should consider when shopping for a unique and vibrant ring.

The best way to find the right fit is to compare your options. Continue reading to check out the top four emerald engagement rings today!

1. Three-Stone Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are designed to elaborately display your love and affection. The Three-Stone Engagement Ring is an ideal option if you want something that will impress and catch the eyes of those around you.

You can design what you want when creating the design. The most popular option is flanking a giant emerald with two diamonds. You can also choose three emeralds of different hues if your future fiance loves green.

2. Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring

Another option for emerald engagement rings is the vintage ring and cut. Many vintage engagement rings draw inspiration from nature and incorporate it into the final ring design.

One of the most popular options features a large emerald surrounded by petals filled with small diamonds to create a glittering effect. If your partner loves nature and flowers, consider these affordable engagement rings.

3. Heroine Engagement Ring

Heroine engagement rings use a design that makes a prominent and stunning emerald the star of the show. The jewelry you choose to work with will let you choose the emerald cut and clarity you prefer when shopping for unique engagement rings.

The emerald is surrounded by an oval of small diamonds, which brings out the color of the emerald and creates a stunning emerald ring. It is a luxury piece of gemstone jewelry that will make a statement about your love and commitment to your partner in each room or building you enter.

4. Luxury Accented Engagement Ring

Luxury rings can enhance your appearance and make your future fiance feel special. A luxury accented emerald ring is ideal if you want a subtle but luxurious emerald engagement ring.

It uses a classic halo design adorned with diamonds, which continue down the engagement ring’s band. The flat sides also allow a flush finish, making it an excellent engagement ring for stacking.

Find the Perfect Emerald Engagement Rings Today

Shopping for emerald engagement rings is exciting, and knowing the top four designs can help you find an option your future fiance will love. The Heroine option is powerful and bright, while the luxury accented engagement ring uses a more subtle design.

The Three-Stone engagement ring is ideal for customization. Vintage emerald rings are fantastic if your partner loves flowers and timeless jewelry.

An engagement ring is the ultimate addition to your appearance and style. Read more of our Fashion content for guides and tips on finding the ideal ring today!

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