5 Major Reasons Behind the Car Accidents in the U.S.

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Determining who was responsible for a car accident requires looking into the cause of the accident. Regretfully, almost all car incidents are preventable, and driver negligence is the primary cause of the majority of accidents in the United States.

Many accidents have many causes, which means that several people and entities can be involved in what happened. A comprehensive investigation can assist you in determining who to sue and assessing your liability.

In this blog, we’ll provide you with five major reasons behind the car accidents in the U.S., so let’s enumerate them individually. 

  1. Drunk Driving

Historically, drunk driving has been the most well-known kind of driver error, accounting for more fatal crashes in the United States than any other cause. 

Anyone who takes alcohol before driving can anticipate having slower reaction time and alertness, as well as compromised visual and cognitive ability. Drugged driving has comparable consequences but receives less media attention. 

Even if you’re not charged with or found guilty of DUI after an accident in Edinberg, TX, you may still be able to hold a driver responsible for your injuries. Without the assistance of expert Edinburg TX car accident lawyers, no one can be free from this driving offense. 

  1. Distracted Driving.

Recent studies suggest that distracted driving may have beat out drunk driving as the primary cause of accidents overall. The most common form of distracted driving is using a cell phone while driving, but it is not the only distraction. 

Drivers can also become distracted by using the GPS or radio, eating or drinking while driving, rubbernecking at wayside sights, or arguing with passengers, among other reasons. 

Hazards can appear unexpectedly on the road, and the few seconds it takes to check your phone or eat a sandwich. It really means the difference between a safe, evasive move and a high-speed collision.

  1. Car Defect or Malfunction

A failure that results in a crash could occur if a car has a defect or a malfunctioning component. In this situation, the car’s manufacturer and other companies involved in the component’s or vehicle’s supply chain may be held responsible. 

A victim may file a product liability claim against them, which has different requirements than an ordinary car accident case.

  1. Road Hazards

A collision may also result from poor road maintenance. People injured on the road may think about suing the road’s owner and also the entity in charge of its upkeep or construction. 

These cases may involve intricate procedural regulations and shortened deadlines. Just like with car defect claims, they most likely benefit from an attorney.

  1. Adverse Weather Conditions

When snow, ice, rain, fog, or other unfavorable weather conditions combine to cause a crash, no one can be at fault. This isn’t always accurate. For example, a driver may be deemed negligent and responsible for any subsequent crashes if they fail to slow down in adverse weather. 

Alternatively, if a car safety feature malfunctioned in response to a weather hazard, its manufacturer may be held legally responsible for it. You shouldn’t assume that no one was at fault until a crash has been thoroughly investigated.

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