charleston white net worth
charleston white net worth

Charleston White’s Net Worth: Journey, Controversies, and Entrepreneurial Triumphs

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Charleston White’s Net Worth

Charleston White has carved out a successful career through his web business and the launch of his apparel line. Alongside managing his clothing company’s official website, he’s generated an estimated net worth of around $1.5 million as of December 2023. His entrepreneurial ventures, notably his online business and the clothing line he established, have been instrumental in his financial success. White’s dedication and innovative approach in these endeavors have contributed significantly to his current net worth.

Who is Charleston White?

Charleston White has built a significant presence as a well-known YouTuber and social media influencer. Beyond his digital footprint, he’s the driving force behind Hyped about HYPE Youth Outreach, an organization focused on empowering young individuals under the banner of Helping Young People Excel. His journey to success, highlighted in various interviews and podcasts, showcases his transformation from a challenging past, including a criminal history, to becoming a respected figure in the public eye.

White’s rise to fame stems from his substantial following on social media, where he shares motivational content and holds the role of a motivational speaker. However, in July 2022, he became embroiled in a media controversy following allegations of macing Soulja Boy, which reportedly stemmed from a dispute. Despite this incident, Charleston has collaborated with numerous renowned rappers and singers, further solidifying his presence in the entertainment industry.


Charleston White, born in 1970 in Texas, hails from a Christian family background. Although his exact birth date remains elusive, reports suggest that as of 2022, he’s around 52 years old. White’s upbringing led him to attend a local school for his foundational education.

While pursuing higher education, he enrolled at Texas Wesleyan University, as indicated on his LinkedIn profile. However, Charleston’s life took a turn at a young age when he became involved in criminal activities at 14, resulting in a significant period of incarceration. Despite this troubled past, he made a profound decision to turn his life around and committed himself to positive change. Over time, he transformed into a well-known figure, particularly as a successful YouTuber, showcasing his resilience and talent in a different realm.


Real NameCharleston White
NicknameBaby Blu
OccupationMotivational Speaker, YouTuber, Social Media Influencer, Content Creator, Media Face, Entrepreneur
Age (as of 2023)52 years old
BirthplaceTexas, United States
Current ResidenceFort Worth, Texas, United States
Zodiac SignWill Update
Net WorthUSD 1.5 million (approx.)
Alma materTexas Wesleyan University
WeightKilograms: 70 kg <br> Pounds: 154.32 lbs
HeightFeet Inches: 5′ 8″

Charleston White’s Life and Education

Charleston White, a prominent YouTuber, was born in Texas, USA, in 1970, though his specific birth date remains undisclosed. As an American national, his age stands at 53 as of 2023. Unfortunately, due to the lack of available information about his birth date, details regarding his birthday and zodiac sign are currently unavailable.

For his early education, Charleston attended a local school before pursuing higher studies at Texas Wesleyan University. However, at the tender age of 14, he ventured into criminal activities, resulting in a conviction and subsequent years spent behind bars serving his sentence. Despite this troubled past, Charleston has since transformed his life and become a renowned personality in the digital world as a successful YouTuber.

Charleston White Age

Charleston White, born in Texas in 1970, grew up in a Christian household. While his exact birth date remains undisclosed, sources indicate that as of 2023, he is approximately 52 years old. His early education took place in a local school before he pursued higher studies at Texas Wesleyan University, as indicated on his LinkedIn profile.

However, at the age of 14, Charleston delved into the world of crime, leading to a conviction and a substantial prison sentence. Despite this troubled past, he made a conscious decision to change his path and embrace a more positive lifestyle. Today, Charleston is widely recognized as a successful and influential YouTuber, showcasing his talents and determination to overcome past challenges.


Charleston White stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches and carries a weight of around 70 kilograms. He’s recognized for his warm, captivating black eyes and striking black hair. However, specific details about his chest, waist, hips, dress size, shoe size, biceps, and other physical measurements are not publicly available or documented.

Charleston White Family

Charleston White’s roots trace back to Fort Worth, Texas, where he was born in 1969. Growing up, he shared his childhood with several siblings. His father served as a Navy officer, while his mother dedicated her time to being a homemaker. Despite this basic outline of his family background, specific and detailed information about his parents, siblings, and his early family life remains largely undisclosed and not publicly available. Charleston identifies as a Black man with African-American heritage, but further details about his birth family have not been widely shared in the public sphere.


Following his release from prison, Charleston White channeled his comedic talents by performing at local venues, carving a path for himself in stand-up comedy. His YouTube channel, “The Real Charleston White,” became a platform where he fearlessly tackles a wide array of subjects, from politics and history to culture, sports, entertainment, and pressing societal issues. Known for his unfiltered and controversial opinions, he’s garnered a substantial following of over 250,000 subscribers, drawing both ardent supporters and vocal critics.

Beyond entertainment, White wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. His brainchild, Hyped about HYPE (Helping Young People Excel), serves as a youth outreach initiative aimed at steering the younger generation away from criminal paths by providing education and empowerment. Engaging with diverse communities, he’s even collaborated with major Hispanic gangs in Fort Worth.

Adding another dimension to his public persona, Charleston White dives into the realm of celebrity boxing, challenging fellow influencers and personalities to matches. His upcoming bout against Suede for the ICB North American lightweight championship, scheduled for August 26, 2023, in Arizona, took a tumultuous turn during the pre-fight weigh-in. Suede’s provocation led to a physical altercation, capturing widespread attention as White responded by using pepper spray. The incident stirred a mix of reactions among fans and viewers across social media platforms.

Awards, Nominations

While Charleston White hasn’t received any formal awards or nominations, his continuous dedication and noteworthy contributions showcase ongoing progress and commendable performance in his endeavors. Despite the absence of accolades, he’s garnered significant recognition from a growing audience across various social media platforms. This recognition has translated into a substantial following, with numerous individuals engaging with and supporting his work.

Moreover, Charleston has attracted attention from brands, leading to multiple promotional partnerships and sponsorships. His impact and influence within his sphere of work have made him a sought-after figure for collaborations and endorsements, further underscoring the acknowledgment and support he has received within the digital landscape.

Wife & Kids

Charleston White shares a deep bond with his wife, Tamara White, who not only stands as his life partner but also serves as his manager and business collaborator. Their relationship spans over two decades, blessed with the presence of their two children: Charleston Jr. and Charli. Family holds a significant place in White’s life, evident through his frequent sharing of moments with them on his Instagram, reflecting the closeness they share.

White’s life story carries a unique narrative of a multicultural upbringing. Raised by a white family in Texas after being given up for adoption as an infant, he embraced a diverse heritage that became a cornerstone of his identity. Reconnecting with his biological mother later in life, Charleston discovered a rich tapestry of ancestral roots encompassing African-American, Native American, Irish, German, and Jewish descent. He proudly identifies himself as a “rainbow child,” celebrating the colorful mosaic of his diverse heritage.


Charleston White, a prominent figure in the digital sphere, has amassed an estimated net worth of $1.5 million through his multifaceted career as a YouTuber, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur. From a challenging past marked by incarceration to becoming a respected influencer and youth advocate, his journey exemplifies resilience and transformation. Despite controversies, collaborations with renowned personalities, and his involvement in charity work, White’s dedication to positive change remains central to his narrative.


  1. Early Life and Transformation: Born in 1970 in Texas, Charleston White encountered legal troubles at 14, leading to a significant prison sentence. He later committed himself to personal growth and emerged as a successful YouTuber and influencer.
  2. Career Diversity: Beyond YouTube, White engages as a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Hyped about HYPE, focusing on youth empowerment and steering away from criminal paths.
  3. Controversies: White faced media attention following a dispute with Soulja Boy, which allegedly resulted in White using pepper spray. He also ventured into celebrity boxing, sparking headlines due to altercations before a scheduled match.
  4. Family and Heritage: Married to Tamara White, Charleston cherishes family moments with their two children. His unique multicultural upbringing and reconnection with his biological mother shaped his identity, celebrating a diverse heritage.


What is Charleston White’s net worth?

As of December 2023, Charleston White’s estimated net worth is around $1.5 million, earned through his endeavors as a YouTuber, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

What led to Charleston White’s fame?

White gained prominence through his YouTube channel, “The Real Charleston White,” where he shares motivational content and addresses diverse topics, along with his involvement in charity work and collaborations within the entertainment industry.

What controversies has Charleston White been involved in?

He faced controversy following allegations of macing Soulja Boy during a dispute. Additionally, his participation in celebrity boxing led to altercations before a scheduled match, garnering widespread attention.

How does Charleston White contribute to youth empowerment?

Through his initiative, Hyped about HYPE, Charleston aims to steer young individuals away from criminal paths by providing education and empowerment opportunities, collaborating with diverse communities to effect positive change.

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