Dana Carvey Net Worth

Dana Carvey Net Worth: A Comedy Icon with a Worth of $30 Millions

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Dana Carvey Net Worth

Dana Carvey, a skilled actor and comedian with a career spanning over three decades, has accumulated a net worth of $30 million as of November 2023. It’s worth noting that while this figure provides a general idea of his financial standing, obtaining an accurate estimate of his total asset value remains challenging.

Who is Dana Carvey?

Dana Carvey, born on June 2, 1955, in Missoula, Montana, is quite the American entertainment dynamo—actor, comedian, impressionist, screenwriter, and producer all rolled into one. His acting journey took flight in 1981 with a memorable debut as Assistant Barry McNichol in “Halloween II.”

Carvey’s left an indelible mark on the big screen, from hits like “The Secret Life of Pets 2” and “Wayne’s World” to “Hotel Transylvania 2.” He’s also graced the small screen, showcasing his talent on shows like “Saturday Night Live,” “The Larry Sanders Show,” and “Rick and Morty.”

In the family department, Dana, born to Bud and Billie Carvey, is one of five siblings. He walked down the aisle with Paula Zwagerman in 1983, following a brief marriage to Leah Carvey from 1979 to 1980. Dana’s a proud dad to two sons.

Painting a picture, Dana Carvey stands at a cool 5 feet 8 inches, weighing in at 68 kilograms. His distinctive features include light brown hair, striking blue eyes, and a comfy shoe size of 10 US. That pretty much sums up the many facets of this incredibly talented individual!

Dana Carvey Biography

Dana Carvey, born Dana Thomas Carvey, kicked off his journey on June 2, 1955, in the picturesque Missoula, Montana, USA. With each passing June 2nd, he joyously adds another candle to his birthday cake.

His educational ventures took him through Tierra Linda Junior High in San Carlos, Carlmont High School in Belmont (where he proudly ran with the Central Coast Section champion cross country team), College of San Mateo in San Mateo, and eventually earned a Bachelor’s degree in broadcast communications from San Francisco State University.

Dana’s comedic talent first shone bright in 1977 when he clinched victory in the Comedy Stand-Up Competition in San Francisco, setting the stage for his future in the world of laughter.

The beloved character Garth Algar finds its roots in the real-life inspiration of a fellow named Brad. Dana’s early years unfolded in San Carlos, California, where his family settled when he was just three. Raised in the Lutheran faith, he proudly carries a heritage enriched with English, German, Irish, Norwegian, and Swedish ancestry.

Presently, Dana Carvey is thriving and in great health. Notably, in 1997, he faced a challenge with Coronary artery bypass surgery, a testament to his resilience and determination. Today, he continues to embrace life’s journey with humor and heart.


Full Name/Real NameDana Thomas Carvey
Tag NameDana Carvey
ProfessionAmerican stand-up comedian, actor, screenwriter, and producer
Birth LocationMissoula, Montana, United States
Date of Birth2-Jun-55
Age67 years old
Height1.73 m
Height in Feet5 feet and 8 inches
Height in cm173 cm
Weight66 kg
Weight in pounds145 pounds
Dates withTo be Updated
Marital ConditionMarried
SpousePaula Zwagerman (m. 1983), Leah Carvey (m. 1979–1980)
ChildrenYes (Dex Carvey, Thomas Carvey)
Net Worth$30 million


After receiving his diploma, Dana Carvey triumphantly strolled through Carlmont High School’s hallways. He developed his stand-up comedy skills in the bustling San Francisco Bay Area. His quest continued when he received a bachelor’s degree in communications from San Francisco State University, which acknowledged his accomplishments.

Dana Carvey Age

Dana Carvey, at 68 years young, came into this world on June 2, 1955, under the spirited sign of Gemini. His journey began in the scenic town of Missoula, Montana, marking the origins of a guy with a diverse background – a true American with a mix of English, German, Irish, Norwegian, and Swedish roots. Growing up in a Lutheran Protestant household, his folks, Billie Dahl and Bud Carvey, were both educators, weaving a story of academic influence into his family history.

Life took a turn when Dana, along with his family, made the move to San Carlos, California, nestled in the beauty of the San Francisco Bay Area, at the tender age of three. School days saw him at Tierra Linda Junior High in San Carlos, and he proudly walked the stage at Carlmont High School in Belmont, California, where he even laced up his running shoes as a member of the Central Coast Section champion cross country team.

His academic journey didn’t end there. Dana ventured into the world of Broadcast Communications at San Francisco State University, earning himself a Bachelor’s degree. The College of San Mateo in San Mateo also witnessed his strides, not just academically, but as a member of the cross country team, adding another layer to the story of this multi-talented individual.

Family roots, academic exploits, and a touch of athleticism – that’s the colorful tapestry that forms the backdrop of Dana Carvey’s life.


For fans, keeping tabs on celebrities’ physical well-being is a big deal. Details like their height and weight tend to set new trends. We’ve got you covered on this front. He stands at about 1.73 meters tall and currently tips the scales at around 66 kilograms. Of course, weights can fluctuate, so here’s the most recent update for you.

Dana Carvey Family

Dana Carvey’s journey began in Missoula, Montana, USA, embraced by his steadfast father, Bud Carvey, an American high school business teacher, and his unwavering mother, Billie Dahl, who dedicated herself to education as an American schoolteacher.

The Carvey household was lively, with four siblings in the mix—three older brothers and one younger sister. Among them, Dana’s brother Brad Carvey earned his own stripes as a distinguished American designer and engineer, particularly known for his work on the Video Toaster.

Life took a turn when Dana’s family decided to put down roots in San Carlos, California, situated in the heart of the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area. This move unfolded when Dana was just three years old, marking the beginning of a new chapter for the Carvey family.


Dana Carvey took his first steps into the world of film with a minor role in Halloween II. Adding to his early career adventures, he found himself co-starring in ‘One of the Boys,’ a TV sitcom featuring the likes of Mickey Rooney, Nathan Lane, and Meg Ryan. During those early stages, Dana also had bit parts in films like ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ and the action-packed series ‘Blue Thunder.’

The big breakthrough for Dana came in 1986 when he graced the screen in the film ‘Tough Guys.’ It was a dream come true for him, especially being a huge fan of Kirk Douglas, and the experience of sharing the screen with Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster left a lasting and affectionate mark on him.

Dana’s star soared even higher when he joined the cast of NBC’s Saturday Night Live (SNL) in the same year. His arrival breathed new life into the show, turning it into the must-watch TV event of its time. Dana shared the SNL stage with emerging talents like Phil Hartman, Kevin Nealon, Jan Hooks, and Victoria Jackson. One of his standout contributions was his hilarious impersonation of ‘The Church Lady,’ a character known for being uptight, smug, and pious as the host of Church Chat. Interestingly, he drew inspiration for this character from someone he knew from church during his younger days—a person always keeping tabs on church attendance.


Dana Carvey has racked up quite a collection of accolades over his career. His standout performance earned him a Primetime Emmy Award for Individual Performance back in 1993. The Wayne’s World magic also worked its charm, securing him an MTV Movie Award in 1992. These honors are just a glimpse into the well-deserved recognition Dana has garnered throughout his impressive journey in the entertainment world.

Dana Carvey Wife

Dana Carvey’s love story took a charming turn when he tied the knot with Paula Zwagerman in 1983. Their journey together brought two lovely additions to the family, Thomas Carvey and Dex Carvey. The Carvey crew calls Marin County, California, home.

The spark between Dana and Paula ignited during one of his performances at The Other Cafe. Their connection deepened, leading to dating, an engagement, and finally, the joyous occasion of marriage. Reflecting on the timeline, it hints that Dana’s previous marriage to Leah Carvey might have faced challenges related to his relationship with Paula.

Dana’s first marriage with Leah Carvey commenced in 1979, marked by initial happiness. However, as time passed, they encountered difficulties, leading to their divorce within a year in 1980. The reasons behind their separation remain undisclosed, but reports suggest that Leah Carvey initiated the divorce proceedings. The union did not bring forth any children.

Dana Carvey Children

Dana Carvey’s journey with Paula Zwagerman brought the joy of parenthood, and together they share two wonderful children: Thomas Carvey and Dex Carvey. The bonds of family continue to shape their lives, adding warmth to the Carvey household.

Social Media

He is active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

He has more than 219.8k followers on Twitter, more than 75.6k followers on Instagram, and gas more than 562k followers on Facebook.

Dana Carvey Net Worth Facts:

  1. Net Worth: As of November 2023, Dana Carvey’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million.
  2. Career Highlights: Carvey is a versatile American entertainer, known for his roles in films like “Wayne’s World” and “The Secret Life of Pets 2.” He also gained fame on “Saturday Night Live.”
  3. Early Life and Education: Born on June 2, 1955, in Missoula, Montana, Carvey pursued education at various institutions, including Carlmont High School and San Francisco State University.
  4. Family Life: Carvey is married to Paula Zwagerman, and they have two sons, Thomas and Dex. He comes from a lively family background with four siblings.
  5. Health Challenge: In 1997, Carvey underwent Coronary artery bypass surgery, showcasing resilience and determination.
  6. Physical Attributes: Dana Carvey stands at 5 feet 8 inches, weighs 145 pounds, and has distinctive features like light brown hair and striking blue eyes.
  7. Comedic Beginnings: Carvey’s comedic talent emerged in 1977 when he won the Comedy Stand-Up Competition in San Francisco.
  8. Career Achievements: His breakthrough came in 1986 with the film “Tough Guys,” and he made a significant impact on Saturday Night Live with memorable characters like “The Church Lady.”
  9. Awards: Carvey has received several accolades, including a Primetime Emmy Award in 1993 for Individual Performance and an MTV Movie Award in 1992 for Wayne’s World.
  10. Social Media Presence: Active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, Carvey has a substantial following on each platform.


Dana Carvey, a seasoned American entertainer, boasts a net worth of $30 million. His career spans film and television, with notable roles in “Wayne’s World” and “The Secret Life of Pets 2.” Starting his journey in San Francisco, Carvey emerged as a comedic talent, securing his place on Saturday Night Live and earning prestigious awards. Despite health challenges, he continues to thrive in the entertainment industry with resilience and humor.


What is Dana Carvey’s net worth?

As of November 2023, Dana Carvey’s net worth is estimated to be $30 million.

What are Dana Carvey’s notable film roles?

Carvey is known for roles in films such as “Wayne’s World,” “The Secret Life of Pets 2,” and “Hotel Transylvania 2.”

How did Dana Carvey start his career?

Carvey’s comedic journey began in 1977 when he won the Comedy Stand-Up Competition in San Francisco.

What health challenge did Dana Carvey face in 1997?

In 1997, Dana Carvey underwent Coronary artery bypass surgery, showcasing his resilience and determination.

How many children does Dana Carvey have?

Dana Carvey has two children, Thomas Carvey and Dex Carvey, with his wife Paula Zwagerman.

What awards has Dana Carvey won?

Carvey has received a Primetime Emmy Award in 1993 for Individual Performance and an MTV Movie Award in 1992 for Wayne’s World.

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