daymond john net worth
daymond john net worth

Daymond John Net Worth: A Journey to Success and a $350 Million Milestone

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Daymond John is a powerful person in the world of profitable commercial endeavors. He is well known for being the brains of FUBU and for being a well-known Shark Tank investor. There is no denying his influence on many other successful businesses.

But exploring the finer points of Daymond John’s work, wealth, family history, and even physical characteristics like height and weight reveals a more complete picture of this successful businessman.

John’s tale is not limited to the companies he represents; it also includes the minute elements that have molded his incredible success. Every stage of his career, from the beginning of FUBU to his portrayal as a shark on the television program Shark Tank, has been distinguished by creativity and strategic insight.

Beyond the business sphere, John’s personal life, including his family and personal attributes such as height and weight, adds a human touch to his public persona. These details provide a holistic view, emphasizing the multifaceted nature of Daymond John’s life and accomplishments.

Daymond John’s Net Worth

Daymond John is rocking a cool $500 million in the bank, thanks to being the big cheese at FUBU. And get this – he’s not just a business tycoon, but he’s also dipped his toes into Hollywood, popping up in a few films that have added some extra digits to his net worth.

Now, you’ve probably seen him on Shark Tank, right? Well, that’s where he’s making waves as an investor, showing some love to small businesses. And guess what? That’s not just a gig for him; it’s a passion. So, word on the street is that his net worth might just be headed for an upgrade in the near future.

Beyond the business hustle, Daymond wears the hat of President at FUBU and struts his stuff as a Shopify brand ambassador. Oh, and did I mention he’s got that on-screen charisma? With a few film appearances under his belt, he’s become a familiar face across the U.S.

In a nutshell, Daymond John isn’t just stacking up those millions; he’s making moves, breaking into Hollywood, and keeping it real on Shark Tank. This guy is the definition of a powerhouse in the business world, and it looks like he’s just getting started.


Daymond John, a native of Queens, New York City, is not your typical businessman. His early foray into the realm of entrepreneurship was made possible by a special high school curriculum that let him balance full-time employment and study on alternate weeks. He’s been grinding ever since, I can tell you.

Picture this: at the ripe age of 23, Daymond set up shop for his brainchild, FUBU, right in his mom’s house in Queens. Why? Well, he noticed those trendy ski hats selling for a hefty $20, and he thought, “Hey, that’s a bit much.” So, armed with sewing skills learned from his mom and some neighborhood camaraderie, he and his next-door buddy crafted about 90 hats and hit up Jamaica Avenue.

Guess what happened? They raked in a cool $800 in a single day. And it was only the start. With sales of over $6 billion, FUBU quickly became a global phenomenon. It’s even showing off in the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture, believe it or not.

But wait on, Daymond’s success story didn’t stop there. He joined ABC’s Shark Tank in 2009, where astute businesspeople like him make investments in emerging startups. Daymond rose to become one of the “sharks,” and believe me, he is an expert at selecting winners.  He’s backed ventures like Bubba’s-Q Boneless Ribs, Mo’s Bows, and Bombas – all hitting the big leagues.

And just when you thought he might kick back, Daymond cranked it up a notch. He’s the brains behind The Shark Group, a brand management and consulting powerhouse. Oh, did I mention he’s a stellar public speaker and co-founder of Daymond John’s Success Formula? This guy doesn’t just ride the success train; he’s driving it full speed ahead.

Daymond John Biography

Meet Daymond Garfield John, the guy everyone knows as Daymond John, a true New Yorker born and bred. Picture this: it all started on February 23, 1969, in Hollis, a cozy little village near Queens – that’s Daymond’s hometown.

Now, when it comes to schooling, Daymond wrapped up high school at a Catholic school in Queens. But here’s the twist – he was such a whiz in school that he snagged a full-time job while still rocking his school uniform. And get this, it wasn’t your typical 9-to-5; he had this gig where he juggled work and school on a rotating basis throughout the week.

Now, brace yourself for this – college was not in the cards for Daymond. Nope, not a single day. Why? Because he dove headfirst into the world of business early on, hustling to put food on the table and support his family. The brainchild of his entrepreneurial spirit was none other than FUBU, and guess what? He steered that ship to CEO stardom, making it a major success story.

But Daymond’s story doesn’t stop there. He didn’t just kick back after his FUBU triumph. No sir, he transformed into an investor extraordinaire, championing small businesses around the globe. This guy’s journey is not your typical college-to-corner-office tale, and that’s what makes Daymond John a true icon.


Famous NameDaymond John
Full Name/Real NameDaymond Garfield John
ProfessionMotivational speaker, Businessman, Investor, Television personality, Author
Date of Birth23 February 1969 (Sunday)
Age54 years 10 months 24 days
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York City, U.S.
CountryUnited States


Daymond John wrapped up his early schooling at Bayside High School, but when it comes to what came next, it’s a bit of a mystery. Given the heights he’s reached in his career, one might speculate that he walked across a university stage in a cap and gown, but the details are a bit elusive.

Considering the success he’s achieved in his professional life, one could assume he’s got a graduation story tucked away somewhere. After all, behind every mogul, there’s usually a bit of academic hustle. Yet, the specifics remain a bit of a puzzle. But hey, who needs a degree when you’re rocking the business world like Daymond John, right? It’s just one of those parts of his story that keeps us intrigued and guessing.


Curious about Daymond John’s physical stats? Well, buckle up! This guy stands at a solid 5 feet 7 inches or, if you prefer the metric system, around 1.702 meters. In the nitty-gritty, that’s approximately 170.18 centimeters or, in simpler terms, 67 inches.

Now, let’s talk weight – Daymond tips the scales at 70 kilograms. And when it comes to those peepers, his eyes rock a dark hue, adding a bit of mystery. As for his crowning glory, it’s all about that sleek black hair.

So, there you have it – Daymond John’s physical rundown. A mix of inches, centimeters, and kilograms, all wrapped up in a stylish package with dark eyes and black hair to boot.

HeightIn feet: 5 feet 7 inches, In meters: 1.702m, In centimeters: 170.18cm, In inches: 67 inches
Weight70 kg
Eye ColourDark
Hair ColourBlack


On March 2, 2016, Daymond John and his fiancée, Heather, celebrated the arrival of their first bundle of joy. Their little one, a daughter named Minka Jagger John, made her entrance into the world. But Daymond’s family circle doesn’t stop there.

From a previous chapter in his life, Daymond has two more daughters, Yasmeen John and Destiny John. While details about his past marriage remain a bit of a mystery, what’s clear is that Daymond is a dedicated father to his three lovely daughters.

Presently, he’s savoring the joys of family life, cherishing moments with Minka, Yasmeen, and Destiny, alongside his fiancée Heather. Daymond John’s world revolves around the love and laughter he shares with his three daughters, creating a family picture that’s as vibrant as his successful career.


Daymond John wasn’t just a star student – he was such a standout that a full-time job practically fell into his lap. But Daymond had bigger dreams. At a young age, he kicked off his entrepreneurial journey by founding FUBU, all with the goal of supporting his family.

Scaling up his company became Daymond’s mission, and to fund his dream, he even put in hours at Red Lobster alongside pals Alexander and Keith. This guy was hustling hard to make his mark.

Then came the game-changer – Shark Tank. Daymond became a household name, joining the ranks of savvy businesspeople like Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner. The show, centered on real-life entrepreneurs seeking seed funding, catapulted Daymond into the spotlight.

But that was just the beginning. Daymond didn’t stop at FUBU; he took his marketing game up a notch by collaborating with big names like Pitbull and Miss Universe. Negotiation and salesmanship? Well, that’s Daymond’s forte, as seen in his appearances at AT&T’s History Makers Tour and the London International A.

He even dipped his toes into acting, making a guest appearance in the 2013 film The Crow. And when it comes to giving back, Daymond wears his philanthropy hat proudly. He’s not just a Shark, but also a board member for NFTE events, where he lends his judgment as a judge.

And hey, let’s not forget his gig as a Shopify brand ambassador. Daymond John is more than just a businessman; he’s a go-getter, a collaborator, and a force to be reckoned with in both the business and philanthropy realms.

Daymond John Personal Life

Daymond John’s family story is a mix of love, challenges, and triumphs. He’s a proud dad to three amazing daughters. Destiny and Yasmeen, his first two daughters, share the journey of his earlier years, likely from his initial marriage.

In 2018, Daymond entered a new chapter in his personal life when he tied the knot with Heather Taras. The love between them blossomed into a beautiful family with the arrival of their daughter, Minka Jagger.

Now, Daymond isn’t just a family man; he’s a resilient one. Despite facing the hurdles of dyslexia, a reading disorder, he’s shown that challenges are just stepping stones to success. In 2017, he confronted another battle – stage II thyroid cancer. Undeterred, he faced it head-on, undergoing surgery to remove the cancerous nodules from his body.

Daymond John’s life is a testament to resilience, love, and the strength that comes from facing both triumphs and trials as a family.

Daymond John’s Wife, Marriage

Daymond John’s love life has had a couple of chapters. His first wife remains a bit of a mystery, but the details of his second marriage are an open book. Enter Heather Taras, the leading lady in his current chapter, with whom he shares the joy of fatherhood, especially with their daughter Minka Jagger.

Beyond the spotlight, Daymond is a devout Catholic, finding solace and strength in regular church attendance. But life has thrown its curveballs. Battling dyslexia, he’s proven that challenges can’t keep him down. In 2017, Daymond faced another hurdle – thyroid cancer. However, he tackled it head-on, undergoing successful surgery that marked a triumph over the illness.

Now, here’s a glimpse into the less glamorous side. Daymond found himself in a bit of a Twitter tussle with Louis Farrakhan. A tweet about DMX’s funeral stirred the pot, and Daymond had to hit the delete button to steer clear of the ensuing controversies.

Life’s a journey, and Daymond John’s story is woven with personal victories, challenges, and a few social media showdowns.


Daymond John is a renowned businessman, investor, motivational speaker, and television personality. Born on February 23, 1969, in Brooklyn, New York, he gained fame as the founder of FUBU and as a prominent investor on ABC’s Shark Tank. His entrepreneurial journey, from selling ski hats in his mom’s house to building a global brand, reflects his creativity and strategic insight. Daymond is also the President of FUBU, a Shopify brand ambassador, and the brains behind The Shark Group. With a net worth of $500 million, he’s a powerhouse in both business and Hollywood.


  1. Net Worth: Daymond John’s net worth is $500 million, attributed to his success with FUBU, investments, and ventures in Hollywood.
  2. Business Ventures: He founded FUBU at the age of 23, and the brand achieved global success with over $6 billion in sales.
  3. Shark Tank: Daymond joined ABC’s Shark Tank in 2009, becoming a prominent “shark” investor backing successful startups like Bubba’s-Q Boneless Ribs and Bombas.
  4. The Shark Group: He is the founder of The Shark Group, a brand management and consulting firm.
  5. Personal Life: Daymond has three daughters – Yasmeen, Destiny, and Minka Jagger. He faced dyslexia and overcame stage II thyroid cancer in 2017.


What is Daymond John’s net worth?

Daymond John’s net worth is $500 million.

What is Daymond John’s most successful business venture?

FUBU, founded by Daymond John, is his most successful business venture, achieving global success with sales over $6 billion.

When did Daymond John join Shark Tank?

Daymond John joined ABC’s Shark Tank in 2009 and became one of the prominent investors on the show.

Tell me about Daymond John’s family.

Daymond John has three daughters – Yasmeen, Destiny, and Minka Jagger. He is married to Heather Taras.

What challenges has Daymond John faced in his personal life?

Daymond John faced dyslexia and successfully battled stage II thyroid cancer in 2017.

What is Daymond John’s role at FUBU?

Daymond John is the President of FUBU, the fashion brand he co-founded.

How tall is Daymond John?

Daymond John is 5 feet 7 inches tall (170.18 cm).

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