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Deborah Dubois: Bio, Age, Career, And More About The Wife Of Late  Barry Seal

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Deborah DuBois gained attention as the wife of Adler Berriman Seal, famously known as Barry Seal. Deborah DuBois has kept a low profile since her husband’s death, while Barry Seal’s exploits and legal fights have dominated the news.

The Colombian Medellin Cartel dominated US cocaine smuggling in the 1970s and 1980s. Deborah DuBois married a veteran drug trafficker of this time. Despite the shadows cast by her husband’s activities, Deborah DuBois has chosen to lead a private life away from the public eye. This Article will explore all about the life of Deborah DuBois.

Who Is Deborah Dubois?

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Debbie Dubois inspired Sarah Wright’s Lucy in ‘American Made,’ based on Barry Seal’s biography. Deborah Seal, once Deborah, sold her late husband’s life narrative to executives.

Deborah was 21 when Barry Seal stopped by her restaurant on his way to court in 1972. Deborah accepted Seal’s request and married him in 1973, charmed by his beauty, charm, and adventures. The couple has Aaron, Dean, and Christina.

Deborah denies knowing her husband smuggled drugs, contrary to the film. Deborah said ‘American Made’ made creative liberties with Lucy’s persona. In a 2015 Daily Mail interview, Deborah praised Sarah Wright but noted that the movie’s moments of hostility and wrath did not match her own.

Even with these imaginative modifications, the film effectively depicts Deborah’s life, notably her struggles after Barry’s death. Although the film takes certain dramatic liberties, it shows Deborah Dubois’s strength following Barry’s death.

Profile Summary of Deborah DuBois

Full/Real name Deborah DuBois
NicknameDeborah DuBois
Birth date Dec 1961
BirthplaceBaton Rouge, Louisiana
Age (As of 2023)63 years old
Ethnicity Caucasian
ReligionUpdate soon
Sexual OrientationStraight
ParentsUpdate soon
SiblingsUpdate soon
Marital statusWidow
SpouseAdler “Barry” Seal (third husband)
Marriage DurationUntil Barry Seal’s death in 1986
ChildrenDean, Aaron, and Christina Seal
Famous ForBarry Seal’s wife
Notable EventsInvolvement in legal disputes over Barry Seal’s life rights
Post-Barry SealLiving on Barry Seal’s life insurance, navigating life complexities

Deborah Dubois biography

Deborah Dubois, a native of the United States, spent her formative years in the country. As a Caucasian woman, she identifies as heterosexual.

Dubois gained recognition primarily as the spouse of Adler Berriman Seal, more commonly known as Barry Seal. Their journey together began with marriage in 1974, resulting in the addition of three children to their family – two boys and a girl named Dean, Christina, and Aaron Seal.

In the annals of Seal’s tumultuous life, Dubois played a significant role as his third wife. Seal, notorious for his involvement in drug trafficking, later transformed into a government informant. Their marital bond persisted until the fateful murder of Seal in 1986, marking the conclusion of their union. Dubois’s life, intertwined with the complexities of her husband’s activities, reflects resilience and adaptation in the face of challenging circumstances.

Deborah Dubois age

Deborah Dubois’s birthdate is unknown. In the early 1970s, she met Barry Seal aged 21. This suggests Dubois was born in the early 1950s. Her relationship with Barry Seal spans 50 years, revealing her life.

Deborah Dubois Career

Deborah Dubois’s professional background remains relatively elusive. During the 1970s, she held a position as a cashier, a role that played a pivotal part in her life’s trajectory as it led to her fateful encounter with Barry Seal. When she married Seal, a drug-smuggling pilot, she quit her career.

Universal Pictures affiliate Imagine Entertainment developed a 2017 film about Barry Seal. The production took place after obtaining consent from Dubois, shedding light on the compelling narrative of her life intertwined with Seal’s and the subsequent impact on their journey.

Deborah Dubois marriage to Barry Seal

Deborah Dubois’s journey with Barry Seal unfolded during a turbulent chapter in his life. In 1972, Seal faced arrest while en route to a hearing, charged with attempting to smuggle military explosives for Cuban rebels. It was at this juncture that he crossed paths with Deborah DuBois, who was then a 21-year-old cashier working at a restaurant.

Intrigued by Seal’s charismatic tales of daring missions, Deborah found herself swept into a romance that led to her becoming his third wife in 1974. Notably, Barry Seal’s marital history included Lynn Ross-Barry, his spouse for eight years from 1963 to 1971, and Barbara Dodson from 1971 to 1972.

Despite the tumultuous nature of Seal’s life, Deborah’s marriage endured until his mysterious demise in 1986. Together, they shared the joy of raising three children – Dean, Aaron, and Christina Seal. However, their familial bonds also weathered the tragedy of losing a son, Jason, at the tender age of 18 months, and another son named Michael.

Deborah was a key presence in Seal’s family, which included Lisa’s five children from her late husband, who had two sons from his first marriage—Lisa and an elder son. The intricate tapestry of their lives reflects the challenges and complexities woven into the narrative of Deborah Dubois and Barry Seal.

Deborah DuBois Husband

An unusual commercial airline pilot, Adler Barry Seal was born July 16, 1939, and died February 19, 1986. His life altered drastically when he became a major drug courier for the Medellín Cartel.

Seal unexpectedly became an undercover agent, producing important evidence in major narcotics prosecutions. Smuggling got him into trouble, and he was convicted.

In retaliation for Seal’s collaboration with law police, the Medellín Cartel hired contract killers to shoot him dead on February 19, 1986. Barry Seal’s life was a complicated tale of criminality, cooperation, and violence.

Deborah DuBois Children

During her marriage to the late former smuggler, Barry Seal, Deborah DuBois welcomed three children into the world – Dean, Aaron, and Christina Seal. These three offspring, along with the two children, Lisa and Alder, from Seal’s first marriage, form the collective family of five children fathered by her late husband. The intricacies of their family dynamics reflect the complex and multifaceted life that Deborah DuBois shared with Barry Seal.

What Happened to Barry Seal’s Wife?

Deborah Dubois, Barry Seal’s third wife, struggled financially after his death. Deborah and their three children had to become more frugal once Barry’s wealth rights were taken away. Deborah Dubois still wants to know how her husband died.

Official versions blame the drug cartel for Barry Seal’s killing, although conspiracy theories say the CIA was involved. These theories cast doubt on the official story, leaving unsolved concerns surrounding Barry Seal’s death.

Did Deborah DuBois know about Barry’s drug business?

Barry, a prominent Baton Rouge cargo smuggler, was accused of smuggling at least fifty cargoes of cocaine into America for $1 million per run. However, amidst these audacious activities, Deborah Dubois has consistently asserted her ignorance of her husband’s questionable dealings.

According to Deborah, she perceived Barry as an aircraft enthusiast and broker. His involvement in facilitating rentals of old aeroplanes for promotional activities further reinforced this image in her mind. Despite the sensational nature of Barry’s reputation, Deborah confessed to harbouring unwavering trust in her husband. She refrained from delving into the details, never questioning his actions, and, notably, she claims to have never witnessed him involved with drugs.

Deborah DuBois Life After Barry Seal’s Death

In the aftermath of Barry Seal’s death, Deborah DuBois grapples with the intricacies surrounding the circumstances of his murder. Widely recognized as the wife of Adler “Barry” Seal, a TWA pilot who gained notoriety for involvement in drug trafficking with the Medellín Cartel, Deborah’s life took a challenging turn after Barry’s apprehension for smuggling.

Facing charges, Barry Seal, driven by a belief that a friend had negotiated a deal with the DEA, transformed into an informant, aiding in exposing other drug operations. During this period, he played a crucial role as a witness in high-profile drug cases against cartel members. However, the tables turned as the very agencies he cooperated with—the DEA and CIA—eventually turned against him. This betrayal led to Barry Seal’s demise a decade later in 1986. Deborah DuBois, his third wife, witnessed the complex and tumultuous journey that marked the life of the infamous pilot through three marriages and a tragic end.

Deborah DuBois Life Following Barry’s Demise

Following Barry’s untimely demise, Deborah DuBois grappled with profound despair as authorities seized her husband’s possessions and properties, the outcomes of illicit deals and drug-related activities. In an interview with The Daily Mail, Deborah shared the challenges she faced, relying solely on Barry Seal’s life insurance to support herself and their three children.

Despite Barry’s claims of wealth totaling a million dollars, his death left Deborah navigating the complexities of financial security without his presence. The sudden loss not only took an emotional toll but also thrust Deborah into the practical difficulties of sustaining her family in the aftermath of Barry Seal’s tumultuous life.

Deborah Seal is Living a Life Away From the Public Eye

Barry Seal was shot and killed outside a Salvation Army Center on February 19, 1986. Deborah tried to rush her kids to Barry after hearing about her husband’s death from a friend. Deborah recounted the terrifying event, “I stopped at a payphone due to traffic. I told Deborah’s friend I don’t know which hospital to go to. Go home, Debbie, they said. No hospitalization. My kids learned their father died. I got them home. Then I cried in the kitchen.”

Following Barry’s death, the IRS took most of the pilot’s assets due to his narcotics trafficking and other illicit actions. Therefore, Deborah and her kids had to rely on Barry’s life insurance, going from rich to poor overnight. Deborah failed to find million-dollar offshore accounts. “The millions of dollars they said he made – if he did, he was holding out on me,” Deborah stated.

Deborah wondered about Barry’s murder for years after his death. A bizarre correspondence with Barry’s killer deepened the mystery. Deborah was approached three times by the anonymous man to visit him to find out who killed Barry. However, connections ended before the individual could reveal more.

Deborah wondered, “Now, if common knowledge is the cartel did it, why would he tell me there’s something else? I suspect a dying confession. My access to him is restricted.”

Deborah Seal lives a private life now. She keeps her personal life private despite the mid-to-late 2010s release of ‘American Made’ “I worry that people will emerge after the film’s release. I dislike attention. I don’t expose myself much because I’m not on social media. “I’m private,” she said. Deborah never remarried and lives with her daughter Christina, according to recent reports. Her current life is unclear.

Deborah Dubois net worth 

Following Seal’s demise, the United States government confiscated all of his assets and estates. In the aftermath, Dubois and her children had to rely on his life insurance for financial support. Consequently, the precise estimation of her net worth remains undisclosed as of the current writing.

However, in 2017, Dubois entered into a deal with Universal Pictures, selling the rights to Seal’s story. This agreement, which paved the way for the production of the movie “American Made,” resulted in Dubois receiving a payment of $350,000 from the company.

The Legal Dispute

Barry Seal’s life has been shown in “Crossed Double” (1991), “Invader” (2016), and “American Made” (2017). Imagine Entertainment under Universal Pictures bought Barry’s life rights from Deborah for $350,000. However, Barry’s eldest daughter from his first marriage and estate manager, Lisa Seal Frigon, sued him in the 19th Judicial District Court over this transaction.

Lisa sued Deborah DuBois and her three children for transferring Barry Seal’s life story rights to the film studio without permission, which should have been handled by the court or estate. According to District Judge Don Johnson, the script misrepresented Barry Seal as having five children when he actually had three with Deborah. Lisa further argued that the script portrayed her father as a drunk and dangerous pilot, lowering his commercial value and estate.

Where is Deborah DuBois Now?

Deborah Dubois, Barry Seal’s third wife, has faced financial challenges since the tragic death of her husband. She, along with their three children, lost any entitlement to Barry’s substantial wealth. Despite receiving compensation from the producers of the movie “American Made” for the rights to her late husband’s story, Deborah has led a relatively modest life.

To this day, she continues to harbor doubts about the circumstances surrounding Barry’s assassination and remains curious about the possibility of other parties being involved. While official accounts point to the drug cartel as the perpetrators, persistent conspiracy theories suggest CIA involvement, although Deborah herself does not explicitly endorse these theories.

Deborah DuBois Social Media

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FAQs about Deborah DuBois

1. Who is Deborah Dubois?

Deborah Dubois is well known as the widow of Medellín Cartel drug dealer Adler “Barry” Seal. She has three children with Seal as his third wife in 1974.

2. What is Deborah Dubois’s background?

Deborah Dubois was born in Baton Rouge in December 1961. In the 1970s, she met Barry Seal as a cashier.

3. How did Deborah Dubois meet Barry Seal?

Deborah Dubois met Barry Seal when he was arrested in 1972 on his way to a court hearing. Seal, facing charges for attempting to smuggle military explosives for Cuban rebels, asked Dubois out during a break in the hearing.

4. What became of Deborah Dubois after Barry Seal’s death?

Deborah Dubois struggled financially after Barry Seal’s 1986 assassination because the U.S. government took Seal’s assets. She lived modestly because Barry’s life insurance supported her and her three children.

5.  Did Deborah Dubois know Barry Seal trafficked drugs?

Deborah Dubois claims that she was entirely unaware of Barry Seal’s illegal activities. Despite Seal’s notorious involvement in drug trafficking, Dubois believed him to be an aircraft broker involved in promotional activities.

6. What legal disputes surround Deborah Dubois and Barry Seal’s story?

Deborah Dubois sold Barry Seal’s life story to Universal Pictures for $350,000, resulting in “American Made.” Lisa Seal Frigon, Barry’s eldest daughter from his first marriage, sued for script errors and inappropriate authorization.

Wrapping up

Deborah Dubois’s life is shaped by her scandalous past. Her life was a rollercoaster from her 1970s chance meeting with Adler “Barry” Seal to his 1986 mystery assassination. Despite her late husband’s fame, Deborah’s narrative shows endurance, quiet courage, and the search of truth in a complicated world.

In 1974, Deborah Dubois married Barry Seal, unknowing of his ongoing cocaine trafficking with the Medellín Cartel. After Seal’s death, the U.S. authorities seized his assets, forcing her and her three children to rely on his life insurance.

Deborah’s life was complicated by Barry Seal’s film adaptation lawsuits. Barry’s eldest daughter sued Universal Pictures over the film’s authorization and accuracy after selling the rights.

Deborah Dubois kept a modest profile after the publication of “American Made.” She overcomes life’s challenges while raising her children and dealing with Barry Seal’s legacy.

Deborah Dubois has endured, adapted, and sought answers in a life full of shadows and secrets, despite financial difficulties and questions regarding Barry Seal’s assassination.

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