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Who Is Jack Frankmore?

Jack Frankmore is a well-known social media personality and TikTok content creator who gained widespread recognition through his jackfrankmore account. His popularity skyrocketed thanks to his engaging lip-syncs, creative montages, and humorous skits, often featuring his circle of friends.

Beyond the realm of social media, Jack finds joy in playing basketball and spending quality time with his friends. Additionally, he showcases his athletic prowess by sharing videos highlighting his skills on the platform. In March 2021, Jack embarked on his TikTok journey, consistently sharing content with his audience. His initial foray into content creation involved thrilling snowboarding videos.

In essence, Jack Frankmore has carved out a niche for himself in the digital landscape, captivating audiences with a blend of entertainment, athleticism, and genuine camaraderie.


Jack Frankmore entered the world on February 3, 2007, in Reno, Nevada, making him a proud American. As of 2024, he’s approaching his sixteenth birthday and goes by the full name of Jack Frankmore. Astrologically, Jack falls under the sign of Aquarius, aligning with his birthplace and nationality.

When it comes to his personal life, Jack keeps a tight lid on details about his parents and siblings, but what we do know is that he was raised in the state of Nevada. Education is a priority for Jack, and he’s currently navigating his high school years at McQueen High School while diligently working towards his degree.

In addition to being a rising social media star, Jack is also navigating the typical challenges and experiences that come with being a teenager in high school. His journey encompasses not only the digital realm but also the everyday aspects of growing up and pursuing education in the vibrant state of Nevada.


Real NameJack Frankmore
Nick NameJack
Age19 years old
Net Worth$100k
BirthdayDecember 3, 2003
ProfessionSocial Media Star
Zodiac SignAquarius
HeightFeet Inches: 5′ 10″
Meters: 1.78 m
Centimeters: 178 cm
WeightKilograms: 61 kg
Pounds: 131 lbs
Body Measurements42-28-40 inches
Biceps Size21 Inches
Shoe Size8.5 (US)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlonde
Boyfriend NameSingle
Husband NameUnmarried

Jack Frankmore Education

We’re currently on the lookout for details regarding Jack’s school education and graduation. Once we gather reliable information on this topic, we’ll promptly share it. In the meantime, as soon as we have concrete facts, we’ll boost the visibility of Jack’s posts to keep everyone in the loop.

Jack Frankmore Height & Weight

Jack Frankmore stands tall at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, embodying the role of a talented fashion designer. With a weight of 61 kg, he maintains a healthy and vibrant physique. Jack’s distinctive features include blonde hair and captivating hazel eyes, contributing to his overall charm. His present state reflects a person who takes care of both his creative endeavors in fashion and his well-being.


Let’s delve into Jack Frankmore’s career – a well-known American social media personality celebrated for sharing glimpses of his dynamic lifestyle on various platforms. Jack’s social media presence is a vibrant mix of videos and pictures showcasing his active pursuits. His love for sports is evident as he engages in activities like snowboarding, football, baseball, and golf.

At McQueen High School, Jack dons the roles of wide receiver and cornerback on the football field. Beyond his athletic endeavors, he’s also ventured into the entrepreneurial realm, offering T-shirts and caps for sale. Jack’s impact extends beyond his personal ventures; he serves as an inspiration to aspiring social media stars and actively participates in various extracurricular activities.

His rise to social media stardom is attributed to the appealing snapshots of his daily life and the plethora of athletic videos he shares. Jack’s love for travel is evident in the picturesque posts on his Instagram account, @jackfrankmore, a platform he joined in January 2017 and received the coveted blue verification tick in December 2023.

To further engage with his audience, Jack regularly shares entertaining sports videos on his TikTok account, @jackfrankmore. With 1.2 million followers and 16.5 million likes, he has solidified his presence on the platform since joining in March 2021, initially gaining attention with his captivating snowboarding videos.

Not limiting his reach to TikTok, Jack expanded to YouTube, where his video titled “post-game dub” gained immense popularity, amassing over a million views in April 2022. Jack Frankmore is undeniably a driven individual, swiftly rising to fame through the caliber of his work and the authenticity he brings to the digital landscape.

Jack Frankmore Net Worth

Jack Frankmore has built up an estimated net worth of $100k, primarily fueled by his thriving TikTok career. His main sources of income include creating engaging content on the platform and selling his own merchandise. Beyond his lip sync videos, Jack is recognized for his comedic sketches and entertaining challenges that have further contributed to his financial success.

Notably, Jack has collaborated with other TikTok heavyweights, including the likes of Charli D’Amelio and many more. These collaborations have not only expanded his reach but also added to the diversity of his content, making him a prominent figure in the TikTok community.

Relationship Status and Personal Life

As of the current moment, there’s not much insight into Jack Frankmore’s relationship status. Rest assured, any updates on this front will be promptly added to this article as soon as they come to light.

Jack Frankmore’s path to success hasn’t been without its fair share of challenges. However, his willingness to openly discuss and overcome these obstacles has become a source of inspiration for many followers. Through this transparency and resilience, Jack encourages others to pursue their dreams, emphasizing that challenges are just a part of the journey and not an obstacle too great to overcome.

Social Media

Frankmore is a familiar face on Instagram, actively sharing moments with his 110k followers on his @jackfrankmore account. Over on TikTok, his account, @jackfrankmore, boasts an impressive 16.5 million likes and a following of 1.2 million fans.

Interestingly, Frankmore keeps a more exclusive online presence, as he’s not currently reachable on popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitch, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, or Pinterest. His focus appears to be on Instagram and TikTok, where he engages with his audience through captivating content and shares glimpses of his life and interests.


Jack Frankmore, born on December 3, 2003, in Reno, Nevada, is a prominent social media personality and TikTok content creator. At the age of 19, he has gained widespread recognition for his engaging content, including lip-syncs, montages, and humorous skits. Jack’s journey extends beyond the digital realm, showcasing his athletic pursuits in sports like snowboarding, football, baseball, and golf.

Currently attending McQueen High School in Nevada, Jack has become a role model for aspiring social media stars, blending his online presence with entrepreneurial ventures such as selling merchandise. With a net worth estimated at $100k, Jack has achieved financial success through collaborations with other TikTok influencers and his diverse content.


  1. Personal Life: Jack Frankmore is an Aquarius, with hazel eyes and blonde hair. He stands at 5 feet 10 inches and weighs 61 kg.
  2. Career Highlights: Jack is a wide receiver and cornerback in football at McQueen High School. He has ventured into entrepreneurship by selling T-shirts and caps.
  3. Online Presence: Jack has a significant following on Instagram (@jackfrankmore) with 110k followers and TikTok (@jackfrankmore) with 1.2 million fans and 16.5 million likes.
  4. Net Worth: His estimated net worth is $100k, primarily generated from his TikTok career and merchandise sales.
  5. Educational Pursuits: Information about Jack’s school education and graduation is currently unavailable.


When was Jack Frankmore born?

Jack Frankmore was born on December 3, 2003.

What is Jack Frankmore’s net worth?

Jack Frankmore’s estimated net worth is $100k.

What sports does Jack Frankmore engage in?

Jack is involved in sports like snowboarding, football, baseball, and golf.

What is Jack Frankmore’s educational background?

Details about Jack’s school education and graduation are currently not available.

Which social media platforms is Jack Frankmore active on?

Jack is active on Instagram (@jackfrankmore) and TikTok (@jackfrankmore).

Is Jack Frankmore in a relationship?

As of now, there is no information about Jack Frankmore’s relationship status.

How did Jack Frankmore gain popularity on TikTok?

Jack gained attention on TikTok with captivating snowboarding videos and has since expanded his content to include various entertaining sports videos.

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