jason david frank net worth
jason david frank net worth

Jason David Frank Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Career, Relationship And More

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Jason David Frank Net Worth

It’s a bit of a mystery, but I’ve always wondered how much money Jason David Frank is worth. While estimates of $2 million are frequently mentioned, are we really aware of his exact income and assets? Like trying to find a needle in a haystack, that is. It’s a common situation in the world of celebrities: figures are hard to come by, but curiosity runs high. Occasionally, controversy is also thrown in to add flavour to the rumours. It’s a well-kept secret when it comes to the specifics of his riches and possessions, though.

Who is Jason David Frank?

Being a gifted American actor, voice actor, and martial artist, Jason David Frank was a truly multi-talented artist. Fans were deeply saddened by his sudden death in November 2022 at the age of just 49. As the enduring Green Ranger, Tommy Oliver, in the 1993 smash television series “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” he rose to fame.

He was not limited to the screen in his abilities. With black belts in Taekwondo, Judo, Shotokan Karate, and other martial arts disciplines, this man was a master of the craft. His voice acting skills left a long-lasting impression on the entertainment industry, appearing in several TV series and computer games. Many who cherished his unique and compelling presence were shocked to learn of his demise.


In Covina, California, on September 4, 1973, Jason David Frank was born. Growing up in the Los Angeles region, he became interested in martial arts at a young age. Frank started learning karate at the age of four and finally attained his black belt. He kept up his martial arts training throughout his adolescence and even participated in amateur bouts. Frank was chosen to play Tommy Oliver in the inaugural “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” season in 1993. Frank became well-known to kids and teens as a result of the show’s rapid success. Frank has made several appearances in Power Rangers seasons throughout the years and is still well-liked in the children’s television industry.


Full Name/Real NameJason David Frank
Known asJason David Frank
Profession(s)Actor, Mixed Martial Artist
Born InCovina, California, USA
Age as in [year]49 years old
Height1.8 m
Height(s) Feet5 feet and 10 inches
Height(s) cm180 cm
Weight(s)98 kg
Weight in Pound216 pounds
Dating HistoryTo be Updated
Marital ConditionMarried
SpouseTammie Frank (m. 2003), Shawna Frank (m. 1994; div. 2001)
ChildrenSkye Frank, Jacob Frank, Hunter Frank, Jenna Frank
IncomeNot Known
Net Worths$2 million

Jason David Frank Age

Jason David Frank, at 49 years old as of February 13, 2023, seems to have found the secret to eternal youth. His vibrant energy and dedication to his work have kept him a favorite in the entertainment realm. People just can’t get enough of his lively personality and commitment to his craft, which has kept him cherished and adored by fans young and old.

Jason David Frank Height And Weight

Jason David Frank is a tall one, standing at a solid 6 feet and weighing around 215 pounds. His muscular frame isn’t just for show—it’s the result of years spent mastering martial arts and a serious commitment to keeping fit. That dedication has given him an incredible blend of strength and agility, making him a standout in the entertainment world. His physical prowess is definitely part of what sets him apart.

Jason David Frank Nationality

Jason David Frank proudly holds American citizenship and embraces his American nationality. His career has been a testament to his pride in representing his country, using his influence to make a positive mark on the world. His contributions to American entertainment haven’t gone unnoticed—he’s seen as a true cultural icon across the United States, celebrated for his impact and influence.


Jason David Frank’s family roots are in Covina, California, in the United States. His mother, Janice Christine Soter, was a mix of Polish and Greek descent, adding a rich blend to their family heritage—Polish, Greek, German, and Irish ancestry all rolled into one.

His father, Ray Frank, served in the US Air Force but sadly passed away in 2021. Jason’s mother, Janice, fought cancer for a long time before she passed away in 2017.

Tragedy struck again when Jason lost his elder brother, Erik Ray Frank, an actor who passed away at just 29 years old on April 16, 2001. Their bond stretched into their work; they shared the screen in the 1996 show ‘Power Rangers: Zeo.’ Erik portrayed David Trueheart, the older brother of Tommy Oliver, Jason’s character, the Green Ranger. Their connection extended beyond family to the realm of entertainment, where they collaborated and shared moments together on screen.

Jason David Frank Career

Beyond his passion for martial arts, Jason David Frank ventured into the film industry, trying out for the role of a Red Officer, but missed out to his rival Austin St. John. However, he didn’t give up. In 1993, at his second shot, luck smiled on him as he landed the role of Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger, in the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series.

As the Power Rangers franchise continued, so did Jason’s involvement. He starred in Power Rangers Zeo and also managed roles in other TV shows like Sweet Valley High as AJ and Family Matters as Skull. His journey in the Power Rangers universe continued through Power Rangers Turbo in 1997, and he took on the character Carl in the TV series Undressed. He’s been part of the franchise for quite a while, even appearing in its recent 2017 release, playing a small role as a resident of Angel Grove.

Apart from his acting gigs, Jason David Frank is a martial arts virtuoso, mastering various disciplines like Muay Thai, Aikido, Wado-Ryu, and more. He even created his unique form of American karate, known as Toso Kune Do, drawing from his extensive martial arts knowledge.

Recognition followed his martial arts prowess, as in 2003, he was officially inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame. Continuing his martial arts journey, he appeared at the Arnold Classic in Columbus Ohio five years later. He expanded his horizons, entering the gaming realm by signing with SuckerPunch Entertainment, focusing on MMA-related games. In his MMA debut for the US Amateur Combat Association, held at the Arena Theater in Houston, he secured victory in the first round, defeating his opponent, Jonathon, via Ompolata submission.

Jason David Frank Achievements

Jason David Frank’s journey is a treasure trove of achievements. He’s an icon for his portrayal of Tommy Oliver in the Power Rangers series, earning legendary status in children’s television. But his prowess doesn’t stop there. Frank’s footprint in martial arts is equally impressive—he’s delved into amateur and professional mixed martial arts, showcasing his skills in the ring.

For over three decades, he’s been honing his craft in various martial arts forms, clinching a black belt in karate along the way. His unwavering commitment to his art and his dedication to staying in prime shape have turned him into a role model for countless fans. Whether on screen or in the ring, Jason David Frank’s journey is a testament to passion, perseverance, and setting the bar high for oneself.

Jason David Frank Relationship 

When it comes to his personal life, Jason David Frank has had his share of love and family. His first marriage was to Shawna, and their union brought three wonderful children into the world—Jacob, Hunter, and Skye. Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t stand the test of time, and they parted ways in 2001.

After the challenges of his first marriage, Jason found love again and tied the knot a second time with his soulmate, Tammie. She’s not just his partner in life but also shares his passion for martial arts. Together, they have a beautiful daughter named Jenna, adding another ray of joy to their lives.


Delve into the enigmatic financial profile of the late Jason David Frank, the multi-talented actor, martial artist, and beloved Green Ranger from “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.” Despite estimates pegging his net worth at $2 million, the specifics of his income and assets remain shrouded in mystery. Discover his remarkable journey in entertainment, martial arts mastery, and family life, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Facts about Jason David Frank’s Net Worth:

  1. Estimated Net Worth: While frequently cited at $2 million, Jason David Frank’s precise wealth remains undisclosed, adding to the intrigue surrounding his financial status.
  2. Diverse Career: From his iconic role as the Green Ranger to his ventures in various Power Rangers iterations and other TV shows, Frank’s career spanned acting, voice acting, and martial arts.
  3. Martial Arts Mastery: Frank’s expertise extended beyond screens to martial arts, holding black belts in numerous disciplines and pioneering his form, Toso Kune Do.
  4. Recognition and Achievements: Inducted into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame, Frank’s dedication to martial arts and his enduring legacy as a children’s television icon remain unparalleled.
  5. Personal Life: His marriages to Shawna and Tammie, along with his children, shaped a personal life marked by love, family, and shared passions for martial arts.

FAQs about Jason David Frank’s Net Worth:

 Q: Is Jason David Frank’s net worth confirmed? 

A: No, while estimations hover around $2 million, exact figures regarding Frank’s net worth remain undisclosed, adding to the mystery.

Q: What were Jason David Frank’s notable achievements?

 A: Frank’s legacy includes his iconic role as the Green Ranger in “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” multiple black belts in martial arts, and induction into the World Karate Union Hall of Fame.

Q: How did Jason David Frank balance his personal and professional life?

 A: Frank experienced both joys and challenges in his personal life, with marriages to Shawna and Tammie, while also being a devoted father to his children.

Q: What was Jason David Frank’s impact on the entertainment industry?

 A: He left an enduring impact, not just through his role in Power Rangers but also as a martial arts expert, voice actor, and cultural icon celebrated for his influence.

Q: Did Jason David Frank solely rely on his acting career for income? 

A: Alongside his acting endeavors, Frank diversified his interests, including martial arts ventures, appearances, and gaming partnerships, contributing to his financial portfolio.

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