jeanie buss net worth
jeanie buss net worth

Who is Jeanie Buss? Jeanie Buss Net Worth, Bio, Wiki, Education, Age, Height, Persona life, Family, Career, Husband And More

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Jeanie Buss Net Worth

Due to her remarkable achievements in her career, Jeanie Buss has attained great success, and by 2023, her estimated net worth will be $500 million.

She and Phil Jackson once paid $2,769,000 for a Los Angeles home in 2007, which they later sold for $1,800,000 in 2012. Real estate fluctuates, huh?

After that, in 2011, she paid $2.45 million for an opulent home in Playa Vista. This gorgeous property is spread over three levels and features a garage in addition to four bedrooms and five bathrooms. Its generous 3,200 square feet are also included.

Her brother, Jesse Buss, took it to the next level by acquiring a grand mansion worth $10 million located on LeBron James Street. This remarkable property consists of 6,500 square feet, spread across three floors, featuring 6 bedrooms.

Her sibling, Jesse Buss, outdid her by purchasing a $10 million mansion on LeBron James Street. A remarkable 6,500 sq ft, 3-story home flaunting 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and abundant lavish features including a home theater, yoga room, and infinity pool.

Jeanie has an impressive garage with enviable vehicles, including a Mercedes ($40,000), a Bentley Continental ($362,890), and even a Ford Taurus ($27,800). Let’s not overlook her love for flaunting extravagant, upscale outfits.

Plus, she’s influential! Forbes ranked her eighth among the most influential women in sports. Impressive!

Who is Jeanie Buss?

As a true sports hero in the United States, Jeanie Buss inherited her extraordinary journey from her father, Jerry Buss, the adored owner of the Lakers.

As the Lakers’ president and controlling owner since 2013, she established herself as one of the most powerful women in sports and assumed a position of great influence.

Her story isn’t just about titles and power. Jeanie embodies the spirit of a pioneer, a determined competitor, and a leader with an eye for shaping the Lakers’ destiny. Her visionary approach has been instrumental in sculpting the Lakers’ path to success across the years.

Early Life

On September 21, 1961, Jeanie Marie Buss was born into a world filled with the briny atmosphere of Santa Monica, California. She is the daughter of real estate tycoon Jerry Buss and LA Lakers owner Joana Buss. After her parents divorced, Jeanie and her three siblings had to negotiate a difficult upbringing in Santa Monica.

Her early years were steeped in the world of sports, tagging along with her father to World Team Tennis events. Their relationship was unbreakable, so when her parents divorced, she made the decision to live in Pickfair with her father. She was not just intelligent but also gifted in athletics, juggling her education with a strong interest in her father’s real estate endeavors.

Jeanie pursued her goal of attending the University of Southern California after high school, where she immersed herself in the business world. Her hard work paid off, and she graduated with honors. The fusion of her academic prowess and passion for her father’s business laid the foundation for her remarkable journey ahead.


Full NameJeanie Buss
Born DateSeptember 26, 1961
Age60 years
ProfessionSports Executive
Height5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
Marital StatusIn-relationship
DatingJay Mohr
Break UpPhil Jackson
DivorceSteve Timmons
Net Worth$500M
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde
Body Size34-25-35 inches
Birth PlaceSanta Monica, California
EducationUniversity of Southern California (USC)
FatherJerry Buss
MotherJoann Mueller
SiblingsThree (Johnny, Jim, and Janie)


Jeanie’s academic journey led her through Palisades Charter High School before she ventured into the halls of the University of Southern California (USC). There, she delved into the world of business, immersing herself in her studies and emerging with flying colors, earning honors upon graduation. Her time at USC laid the groundwork for her future endeavors in the dynamic realm of business and sports.

Jeanie Buss’s Birthday and Age

Jeanie Buss was born on September 26, 1961, and she will turn 62 in 2023.

Her zodiac sign, Libra, depicts a person with charm, tact, and the ability to multitask with ease.

When it comes to passion, determination, and leaving an impression on the basketball world, Jeanie is still a dominant force in the NBA even at the age of sixty.


Jeanie Buss is around 58 kg in weight and 5 feet 7 inches tall. Her gorgeous blonde hair and her warm brown eyes are two of her most recognizable attributes.

Her dimensions are 34, 25, and 35 inches around, and her bra size is 38B.

Personal Life

Buss was a popular figure in high school and college, drawing attention for her looks and personality. She had her fair share of relationships during her prime. Her first marriage was to Steve Timmons, a volleyball player. Their marriage lasted nearly three years but eventually ended due to Buss prioritizing her business aspirations.

Following her divorce, Buss entered into a long-term relationship with Phil Jackson, the former President of the New York Knicks. Although engaged for a substantial period, their relationship faced its own challenges, and Phil made the decision to call off their engagement for personal reasons.

Known for her charm and success in the business world, Buss attracted interest from celebrities and sports personalities alike. She even ventured into modeling, gracing the pages of several magazines. One notable milestone was her bold photoshoot for the May ’95 issue of Playboy magazine.

Jeanie Buss Family

Buss found herself in the middle of a lively family, being the third among four siblings to Jerry Buss and JoAnn Mueller. Her childhood was shared with two older brothers, Johnny and Jim, and a younger sister named Janie. The family dynamics shifted when their parents separated in 1972, a time that left Jeanie feeling a deep emotional void.

At just 14, Jeanie began accompanying her dad to World Team Tennis gatherings, diving into the world of sports thanks to her father’s ownership of the Los Angeles Strings. By the time she turned 17, she chose to reside with her dad at Pickfair, the family estate. Jeanie grew so accustomed to the grandeur of the estate that she confidently led guided tours, becoming intimately familiar with every corner of the place.


After World TeamTennis folded in 1978 and reemerged as TeamTennis in 1981, Jerry took charge of the revived Strings, handing the reins to his 19-year-old daughter while she juggled studies at USC. Jeanie humorously remarked, “Basically, my dad bought me the team.”

Post the Strings’ closure in 1993, Jeanie ventured into professional roller hockey, bringing the Los Angeles Blades to life under her ownership in Roller Hockey International. Her acumen earned her the prestigious title of Executive of the Year from the league.

Her journey extended to a significant role as president of the Great Western Forum, the Lakers’ former home arena. As her involvement with the Lakers deepened, she assumed the position of Alternate Governor on the NBA Board of Governors in 1995.

In 1999, she ascended to the role of executive vice president of business operations for the Lakers, aligning with her father’s vision of handling the team’s business aspect while her brother, Jim, managed the basketball side.

Recognition followed her trail, earning a spot among the Top 20 Most Influential Women in Sports by Sporting News in 2005. Forbes hailed her as a powerful figure in sports management in 2011, while ESPN labeled her one of the most influential women in the NBA.

Upon her father’s passing in 2013, Jeanie inherited his majority ownership in the Lakers through a trust, stepping into his former roles as the team’s governor and representative at NBA Board of Governors meetings.

Her journey as Lakers president commenced in 2013–14, overseeing both business and basketball operations, collaborating with her brother Jim, who led as executive VP of basketball operations.

The tides shifted in 2017 when Jeanie made bold moves, parting ways with Mitch Kupchak as General Manager and accepting her brother Jim’s resignation as VP of Basketball Operations. This paved the way for Magic Johnson’s installment as President of Basketball Operations and the recruitment of sports agent Rob Pelinka as the new general manager.

Amidst the Lakers’ evolution, Jeanie Buss remained a central figure, steering the team through pivotal changes and embracing new leadership to drive the franchise forward.

Jeanie Buss: Awards & Achievements

Despite her significant contributions to the business world, Jeanie Buss hasn’t received nominations for major awards. However, her impact hasn’t gone unnoticed. ‘Sporting News’ recognized her as one of the ‘Top 20 Influential Women in Sports,’ while Forbes acknowledged her as ‘One of the few powerful women in Sports Management.’ ESPN also hailed her as ‘One of the most powerful women in the NBA.’ These accolades attest to her influential role in sports and business, even without formal award nominations.

Jeanie Buss Husband, Marriage

In 1990, Jeanie Buss tied the knot with Steve Timmons, a volleyball player. Unfortunately, their marriage hit a rough patch and lasted only three years before they parted ways. Another notable relationship was with Phil Jackson, the former Lakers coach and New York Knicks president. They’d been together since December 1999 and even engaged for four years. However, the demands of their professions and the distance between them led to the end of their engagement in December.

Currently, Jeanie is romantically involved with comedian Jay Mohr. You can spot glimpses of their connection through the photos they share on their social media profiles, capturing moments of their time together.

Social Media

Jeanie stays quite engaged across all her social platforms. You can find her on Instagram under the handle “jeaniebuss,” where she’s gathered a following of 287K people. Her Twitter account is another hub for her, boasting a hefty following of 406.8K followers. She’s definitely plugged into the digital world!


Explore the remarkable journey of Jeanie Buss, Lakers’ powerhouse president, and her astounding $500 million net worth in 2023. From her iconic family background to her influential role in sports management, discover her career milestones, real estate ventures, personal life, and significant achievements.


  1. Early Sports Exposure: Jeanie’s upbringing immersed in the world of sports alongside her father, Jerry Buss, Lakers’ revered owner.
  2. Education and Business Acumen: Graduated with honors from the University of Southern California, laying the foundation for her influential career.
  3. Career Milestones: Transitioned through roles in various sports ventures, from World TeamTennis to Roller Hockey International, before assuming Lakers’ presidency in 2013.
  4. Real Estate Ventures: Notable property acquisitions including a Playa Vista home and her brother Jesse Buss’s mansion on LeBron James Street.
  5. Relationships: Previously married to Steve Timmons, engaged to Phil Jackson, and currently in a relationship with comedian Jay Mohr.
  6. Influence in Sports: Recognized by Forbes, ESPN, and Sporting News for her influential role in sports management.


1. What is Jeanie Buss’s net worth?

 Jeanie Buss’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is an impressive $500 million, attributed to her successful career in sports management and strategic real estate investments.

2. What are some significant career milestones of Jeanie Buss? 

From leading the Lakers as president and controlling owner since 2013 to her earlier roles in World TeamTennis, Roller Hockey International, and her tenure as the Lakers’ executive vice president, Jeanie’s career has been marked by influential leadership positions.

3. What role did Jeanie Buss play in the Lakers’ journey to success?

 Jeanie Buss’s visionary approach as president has been instrumental in shaping the Lakers’ trajectory, overseeing both business and basketball operations, navigating pivotal changes, and embracing new leadership for the franchise’s advancement.

4. What are some of Jeanie Buss’s real estate ventures? 

She acquired notable properties, including a Playa Vista home and her brother Jesse Buss’s lavish mansion on LeBron James Street, showcasing her strategic investments in real estate.

5. Who has Jeanie Buss been in relationships with?

 Jeanie was previously married to volleyball player Steve Timmons and engaged to Phil Jackson, the former Lakers coach and New York Knicks president. She is currently in a relationship with comedian Jay Mohr.

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