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Rio Da Yung Og Age

In 2023, Rio Da Yung OG reached the age of 29, marking his birth on May 11, 1994. This exceptionally talented individual has made a significant impact in the music world, gaining recognition as an esteemed American singer and songwriter.

His rise to fame was rapid, catapulted by the success of his hit song, “Metropolis Upon My Burden.” This musical masterpiece not only showcases his skill but also serves as a testament to his undeniable brilliance, captivating the hearts of many. Rio Da Yung OG continues to shine as a prominent figure in the music industry, leaving a lasting legacy on the field.

Who is Rio Da Yung OG?

Rio Da Yung OG, the renowned American rapper, musician, singer, and songwriter, stands out as a vibrant talent in the entertainment realm. His youthful exuberance and musical expertise have endeared him to a substantial and devoted fan base.

In an impressively short timeframe, Rio Da Yung OG has made a lasting mark on the industry, solidifying his position as a prominent artist. Beyond his musical prowess, he exudes charm and charisma, further enhancing his popularity in the scene.

With a professional career spanning over 12 years, Rio Da Yung OG has honed his skills, currently collaborating with four music labels, predominantly in the hip-hop and rap genres, where he continues to find success.

Adding to his achievements, Rio Da Yung OG shares his musical creations on his YouTube channel, cultivating a dedicated following of over 100,000 subscribers. His commitment and talent remain the driving forces behind his ongoing ascent in the dynamic world of music.


Hailing from the lively city of Detroit, Michigan, Rio Da Yung OG is a gifted rapper who made a splash on the music scene back in 2017. In a relatively short period, he’s built a devoted following, especially within the local community.

Rio is admired for his unique style, characterized by a dynamic flow and lyrics that pack a punch, often carrying a meaningful message beneath the surface. His music serves as a mirror of his deep connection to his hometown, drawing inspiration from the vibrant tapestry of life and experiences in Detroit, as well as the diverse individuals he encounters on his journey.


NameRio Da Yung OG
YoutubeRio Da Yung OG


Rio Da Yung OG’s journey started in the vibrant street rap scene of Michigan, where the beats and rhymes ignited a real passion in him. The spark that set him on the path of rap was those infectious tunes playing on the radio, and that spark turned into a full-blown love for spitting rhymes.

When it comes to his education, Rio has been pretty private about that side of his life. Fans are curious about the man behind the mic because he hasn’t spilled any details about it in interviews or on social media. But for Rio, the main focus remains on his music, a force that continues to enthrall and motivate his listeners.

SchoolCollegeEducation Qualifications
Yet To UpdateYet To UpdateYet To Update

Rio Da Yung OG Height and Weight

Rio Da Yung OG stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches, roughly 172 centimeters or 1.72 meters. His well-maintained physique weighs in at around 68 kilograms, approximately 149 pounds.

These measurements depict a healthy and proportionate figure, adding to his overall presence. Rio Da Yung OG’s physical attributes harmonize seamlessly, much like his musical talent in the entertainment world.

Personal Life

In Rio Da Yung OG’s personal life, he wears the hats of a dedicated husband and a caring father. While the details of his marriage are private, his Instagram profile, @riodayung0g, offers a heartfelt look into his role as a dad. His social media feed is filled with touching pictures of his son and daughter, showcasing the deep love and commitment he has for his beloved family.

However, Rio’s life has also been marked by a series of legal challenges. In the tough January of 2019, he found himself entangled in legal complexities, facing serious allegations of unlawful possession of a firearm and controlled substances. This crucial moment led to a five-year stint behind bars, a revelation he shared somberly with his online community through Instagram. His custodial sentence was set to begin in the summer of 2021.

Originally from Flint, Michigan, Rio Da Yung OG rose to fame with his masterpiece, “City on My Back.” Unfortunately, his success was abruptly interrupted by the legal storm of January 2019. The charges, involving firearm possession and alleged involvement in distributing narcotics, cast a shadow over his life. Federal court records from Michigan revealed a grand jury indictment, naming Rio and five others as conspirators in the world of cocaine base and heroin possession and distribution. Faced with a crucial decision, Rio chose the path of a guilty plea in February 2020, avoiding the challenging ordeal of a trial. This legal journey has undoubtedly been a difficult and mysterious chapter in the tapestry of his life’s story.

Rio Da Yung Og Family

Rio Da Yung OG’s roots lead back to Flint, where he was born and raised. In our quest to learn more about his family background, our efforts have yielded no publicly available information about his parents. Currently, we cannot verify the identities of his mother and father, and there is no information about potential family connections.

As the saying goes, “Family comes first,” and if, over time, more details about his relatives emerge, we will certainly update this section with the latest revelations. For now, Rio’s personal life remains wrapped in mystery, leaving his fans curious about the broader context of his upbringing and family ties.

Rio Da Yung Og Face

In a captivating conversation with No Jumper, Rio Da Yung OG revealed the intriguing story behind the enigmatic scar on his right cheek. Surprisingly, this distinctive mark has its origins in a fateful incident during his early adolescence, at the tender age of 12.

The tale unfolds like this: Rio, dealing with the aftermath of a smoke session, decided to embark on a cooking adventure in his kitchen. However, things took an unexpected turn. In the midst of this culinary venture, he ended up with a facial burn, an outcome he certainly didn’t anticipate.

When medical professionals suggested a skin graft to fix the burn, Rio’s response was far from conventional. He firmly declined the medical intervention, asserting that the scar didn’t disturb his inner peace. This story adds a unique layer to the fabric of his life, vividly showcasing his resilience and unshakable self-confidence in the face of his distinctive mark. He embraces it unabashedly as a symbol of his individuality.


Rio Da Yung OG embarked on his musical journey with the drop of his debut single, “Trippin Again,” in April 2018. Throughout the following year, 2019, he dedicated himself to crafting numerous tracks, laying the groundwork for what would become his blossoming music career.

A pivotal moment in his early trajectory was marked by the release of “Backend,” featuring rapper RMC Mike. This track achieved a significant milestone, crossing the million-views mark on YouTube on July 26, 2019. Today, the official music video boasts over 3.7 million views on the platform.

However, it was the track “Legendary” that truly propelled his career to new heights, amassing an impressive 13 million views on YouTube. Rio continued his success streak with hits like “Hardly Breathe,” released in December 2019.

In April 2020, he dropped “Stay Wavy,” featuring rapper Babyface Ray, which garnered over 3.6 million views on YouTube. Rio sustained his momentum with a series of successful singles, including “2020 Bag,” “Movie,” “One Night,” “Molly,” “1v1,” and “Practice.”

His recent discography showcases tracks like “Who Made This,” “What Do Rio Mean/Definition of Rio,” “Third Times A Charm,” and “Chicken Coupe.” On April 1, 2021, he released “Last Day Out,” which quickly gained traction with over 2.1 million YouTube views in just three weeks. Rio Da Yung OG’s journey in the music industry is characterized by a consistent stream of hits and a growing fan base.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Rio Da Yung OG boasts an estimated personal wealth of an impressive $1 million. This substantial fortune is a direct result of his thriving music career, showcasing both his talent and the hard work he has poured into the industry.

Nevertheless, the looming possibility of his incarceration in the summer of 2021 undoubtedly cast a shadow of uncertainty over both his music career and net worth. Juggling the challenges of his legal situation with the demands of his musical journey must have been a significant concern, potentially influencing the course of his success in the industry.

Rio Da Yung Og Wife

Rio Da Yung OG has chosen to keep his marital status private, leaving us eager for any potential future revelations. Even though the specifics of his marriage remain a mystery, he has given us a peek into his life as a parent through his official Instagram account, riodayung0g. The moments he shares with his son and daughter provide a unique perspective on the person beyond the music, leaving fans intrigued about the broader context of his family life.

Rio Da Yung OG Social Media

Lately, Rio Da Yung OG has been shining brightly across different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. With his captivating content and musical prowess, he’s gained thousands of loyal subscribers and followers, sparking excitement and broadening his fan community across these platforms.


  1. Birthdate: Rio Da Yung OG was born on May 11, 1994, making him 29 years old in 2023.
  2. Career Start: He gained recognition in 2017 with the hit song “Metropolis Upon My Burden.”
  3. Musical Journey: Rio has been active in the music industry for over 12 years, collaborating with four music labels primarily in hip-hop and rap genres.
  4. YouTube Presence: His YouTube channel has over 100,000 subscribers, showcasing his commitment and talent.
  5. Hometown: Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Rio draws inspiration from the city’s vibrant life in his music.


Rio Da Yung OG, a talented rapper hailing from Detroit, Michigan, rose to fame in 2017 with his unique style and impactful lyrics. At 29 years old in 2023, he has made significant contributions to the music industry, collaborating with multiple labels and amassing a dedicated fan base on platforms like YouTube. Despite facing legal challenges in 2019, he continues to thrive in his music career.


What is Rio Da Yung OG’s real name?

Rio Da Yung OG’s real name is not provided in the article.

What is Rio Da Yung OG’s height and weight?

He stands at 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm) and weighs approximately 149 pounds (68 kg).

Is Rio Da Yung OG married?

The article mentions Rio Da Yung OG as a dedicated husband, but details about his marriage remain private.

What happened to Rio Da Yung OG in 2019?

In January 2019, Rio faced legal challenges, including allegations of unlawful possession of a firearm and controlled substances, leading to a five-year prison sentence.

What is Rio Da Yung OG’s net worth?

As of 2023, Rio Da Yung OG’s estimated net worth is $1 million, primarily from his successful music career.

Why does Rio Da Yung OG have a scar on his face?

Rio obtained a distinctive scar on his right cheek at the age of 12 due to a facial burn during a cooking mishap. He chose not to undergo a skin graft, embracing the scar as a symbol of his individuality.

Where is Rio Da Yung OG from?

Rio Da Yung OG is originally from Detroit, Michigan.

What is Rio Da Yung OG’s education background?

The article mentions that details about Rio’s education remain private, as he has not shared this information publicly.

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