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Meet 24-year-old American phenomenon Sky Bri. She’s famous for her social media, modeling, and adult entertainment. Skylar Bri is her birth name, however, most people call her Ski Bri. Her intriguing social media platforms have a huge following.

Sky Bri’s captivating images on social media have captivated many. She performs dances, lip syncs, and satire on TikTok in addition to photographs. Sky Bri Net Worth is $1.5 Million

Sky Bri’s Instagram is full of stunning photos and videos. Many of her images show her in stylish two-piece dresses and other tantalizing attire from clandestine photoshoots, delighting her fans. But her programming on OnlyFans, a subscription portal, really took off. Her intimate videos and photographs from this platform became viral.

Sky Bri isn’t limited to one platform. She’s popular on TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch. Her online presence has prompted a lot of conversation, including rumors of a love relationship with Jake Paul.

As Sky Bri continues to captivate her audience with her intriguing content, social media has shaped modern celebrity status.

What Is Sky Bri Net Worth

Bri has an estimated $1.5 million net worth. Her broad career as a social media influencer, model, and adult content creator earned her this large amount.

Bri’s not only after money. She drives a silver Mercedes AMG G63, demonstrating her luxury tastes. This luxury car costs around $200,000.

Sky Bri Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth
2021$1 Million
2022$1.2 Million
2023$1.5 Million

What Is Sky Bri’s Income Source?

Sky earns her income from a variety of sources, all tied to her prominent presence on social media. She’s active on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, where her engaging content brings in attention. Her work as a model, both in the conventional sense and in creating more adult-oriented content on OnlyFans, also contributes significantly to her earnings.

When it comes to modeling, Bri has collaborated with reputable brands like Vixen, a well-known name in the global entertainment and lifestyle scene. But her talents don’t stop at modeling; she’s taken on acting roles as well. You might have seen her in projects such as “Mr. Lucky POV,” “Sidemen Tinder,” “Slayed,” and “Playboy Plus,” showcasing her versatility. Beyond that, she’s also active in the world of podcasting, showcasing yet another dimension of her skills.

Sky has shown some business smarts too. She’s tapped into affiliate marketing by sharing her Amazon wishlist page on her Instagram. This savvy move lets her earn a portion of the product price as a commission whenever her followers click the provided link and make a purchase.

However, the major chunk of her income comes from her activities on OnlyFans. It’s a subscription-based platform where she offers exclusive content to her subscribers. They can choose from different subscription packages like $5 every 28 days, $51 for three months, or $96 for six months. This approach has proven to be a lucrative venture for her.

How much money does Sky Bri make from social media?

Sky is quite the social media sensation, with a whopping 2 million people following her on Instagram, and an impressive 313.8K folks keeping up with her on TikTok as of 2023. Her content mainly revolves around highlighting her beautiful curves and physique.

Sponsored Instagram posts earn her $40,000 per post. The financial terms of this arrangement depend on the collaboration and the brand’s investment.

And speaking of TikTok, creators there usually pocket around $30 for every million views they rack up. It’s one of the ways these online platforms can turn into some serious income sources.

Sky Bri Biography

Sky Bri is a 23-year-old young woman born on February 21, 1999, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. She’s part of the Caucasian ethnicity and holds American nationality. Sky Bri has established herself as a notable social media influencer and model in the United States. Alongside her modeling, she’s also known for creating adult-oriented content, which gained significant attention after her videos on OnlyFans spread like wildfire.

With a considerable fan base, Sky Bri shines on Instagram, where she shares images showcasing her skills as a bikini model. Her influence extends to other platforms too, including the lively realm of TikTok. She initially kickstarted her journey by sharing her experiences on Instagram, rapidly amassing over a million followers in no time. Following that achievement, she even became part of the Target Retail Company.

Sky Bri Biography

In 2020, she took a leap of faith, leaving her job behind to carve a career for herself on the platform OnlyFans. On this platform, she’s joined by her friend Rara Knupps, who’s also a star in the OnlyFans arena. Additionally, Sky Bri has gained quite a bit of popularity on TikTok, where her lip-sync and dance videos are a hit.

The rumor mill was churning with reports of Sky Bri being romantically involved with American media personality and professional boxer Jake Paul. It was noted that he had previously been in a relationship with Julia Rose. Sky Bri’s name even found its way onto his skin in the form of a tattoo, and reciprocally, she inked his name on her neck. However, the two clarified that despite these gestures, they weren’t in a formal relationship and chose to remain unattached.

Sky Bri is blessed with captivating blue eyes and long, blonde hair that perfectly complements her fair complexion. Notably, she’s admired for her fashion sense, often sporting trendy and sizzling outfits, including lingerie and stylish bikinis.

Sky Bri Career

Before Sky Bri became an Instagram sensation, she was clocking in hours as an employee at Target Corporation, a well-known American retail company. But to step up her earnings game, she had to tap into the online world.

In 2020, she took a bold step and left her job to dive into the world of social media content creation. Bri became a regular face on the No Jumper podcast, where she shared the spotlight with her best friend, Richelle Rara Knupps. Both of them are involved in adult content creation and modeling.

Capitalizing on her striking looks, Sky Bri set up an OnlyFans account, offering exclusive content to her subscribers. This new avenue also led her to modeling opportunities and gigs with Vixen.

Sky’s OnlyFans account, under the name Skylar Bri, has nearly a million likes. She offers her content to subscribers at $5 for 28 days, $51 for three months, and $96 for six months. She’s shared over 1.1k explicit pictures and more than 510 videos, all exclusively accessible to her subscribers.

She’s also part of the Plug Talk Podcast (@plugtalkshow), a pretty mature-themed podcast based in California, hosted by @lenatheplug and @adam22.

Sky’s not just about the online scene; she’s collaborated with various brands, including the Los Angeles-based “Vixen Brand,” a heavyweight in the global entertainment and lifestyle industry.

There’s an acting side to Sky Bri too. She’s appeared in a few adult TV series, marking another facet of her career. One of these series, “Slayed,” is all about adult lesbian videos on She also made an appearance on the Playboy Plus TV series on February 23, 2023.

Sky Bri’s Relationship with Jake Paul

Sky Bri is famously known for being single. However, the situation changed in March 2022 when she became the center of attention on social media due to rumors about her romantic involvement with Jake Paul, the well-known American YouTuber and boxer.

The story traces back to when Sky Bri shared in a video on No Jumper Clips that her first interaction with Jake took place during a trip to Puerto Rico. During this encounter, Jake reportedly told her, “This is for clout.” While Sky Bri already knew Jake, their relationship didn’t progress further until after Jake’s breakup with Julia. Sky Bri explained that she and Jake pretended to be together as part of a strategy to gain attention from Julia Rose. This plan appeared to work, leading to Jake rekindling his relationship with Julia.

During this period, Sky Bri, along with Richelle, spent time with Jake Paul. A photo was taken of Jake kissing Sky Bri, and he posted it on his Instagram page in March 2022, sparking widespread rumors. They continued to play along with the rumors until September 2022, when they finally put an end to the entire charade. They revealed that the romantic involvement between Sky Bri and Jake was simply a stunt for attention.

Interestingly, Sky Bri has a tattoo of Jake on her back. She shared that her partners find it amusing, and she even considers getting it removed through laser treatment.

The sequence of events involves Sky Bri and Jake Paul initially faking a romantic connection for attention, which garnered a lot of media coverage. However, they later clarified that it was all for show. Despite this, Sky Bri’s tattoo of Jake remains a curious and lasting reminder of the episode.

Sky Bri Boyfriend

Sky’s current relationship situation is something we’re not sure of. She still isn’t committed in spite of the attention-grabbing stunt she pulled with Jake. Due to her jealousy, she values loyalty highly and demands devotion from anybody she chooses to spend time with. She vehemently opposes her boyfriend having a sexual relationship with another person, especially a close friend. She also doesn’t see herself dating Jake because his lifestyle is so different from hers.

Sky Bri Has Collaborated With Many YouTubers

Being a content creator, Sky Bri has teamed up with several well-known YouTubers. She’s had the opportunity to collaborate with big names such as Sidemen, Simplistic, and Andrew Davilla, among others.

These collaborations have had a significant impact on boosting her presence on social media. In fact, one of her videos featuring Sidemen on YouTube led to a remarkable outcome. Her follower count surged by over 100,000 within a mere two days of that video going live.

She wants to leave the adult industry

Bri is currently in the process of leaving the adult industry behind. She opened up about her perspective during a podcast conversation with Bradley Martyn. She shared that she prefers working on her own and finding satisfaction in individual projects. However, she doesn’t like working with adult material creators.

Thus, she plans to continue creating adult-oriented stuff on her own without collaboration.

Due to her career, Bri finds it difficult to find a boyfriend

In her personal life, Sky faces a unique challenge when it comes to finding a romantic partner. Her career path has introduced some complications into her search for love. She’s been open about how her chosen profession has made things difficult in this aspect.

Even more complicated, her family, except for her mother, has separated themselves from her because of her explicit material. She resides in Los Angeles, California, navigating these challenges.

Sky Bri Dating Controversy

The dating situation between Sky Bri and Jake Paul created quite a buzz in the entertainment world. Following Jake Paul’s split from his previous girlfriend, Julia Rose, he was frequently seen spending time with Sky Bri during their vacation.

Their closeness, including getting matching tattoos, sparked a lot of rumors and discussions about whether they were romantically involved. However, the truth behind their relationship emerged when Jake Paul decided to get back together with Julia Rose. Sky Bri then clarified that what they had was just a casual and short-lived connection, putting an end to the speculations.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is Sky Bri net worth?
Sky Bri has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. Her income comes from various sources including social media, modeling, and her activities on platforms like OnlyFans.

How did Sky Bri’s net worth grow over the years?
Here’s a breakdown of Sky Bri’s net worth growth:

2019: $400,000
2020: $700,000
2021: $1 million
2022: $1.2 million
2023: $1.5 million

What are the main sources of Sky Bri’s income?
Sky Bri earns her income from several sources. Social media influencers on Instagram and TikTok. She models and works with Vixen. Her activities on OnlyFans, where she offers exclusive content to subscribers, contribute significantly to her earnings. She’s also involved in acting, podcasting, and affiliate marketing.

How much money does Sky Bri make from social media?
Sky Bri has a substantial following on Instagram and TikTok. She earns around $40,000 per sponsored Instagram post. On TikTok, creators typically earn about $30 for every million views.

What are Sky Bri’s career highlights?
Sky Bri began her journey as a social media influencer after leaving her job at Target Corporation. She gained attention through her content on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. She is known for modeling, creating adult-oriented content on OnlyFans, and collaborating with brands like Vixen. She’s also been involved in acting projects and podcasting.

Was Sky Bri romantically involved with Jake Paul?
There were rumors about a romantic involvement between Sky Bri and Jake Paul. They were seen together, and there were even matching tattoos. However, they later clarified that their relationship was a stunt for attention and that they were not actually in a romantic relationship.

How has Sky Bri’s career impacted her personal life?
Sky Bri’s career choices, particularly her involvement in the adult industry, have had an impact on her personal life. Her family, except for her mother, has distanced themselves from her due to her explicit content. Despite challenges, she continues to navigate her career and personal life in Los Angeles, California.

Is Sky Bri planning to leave the adult industry?
Yes, Sky Bri has expressed her intention to leave the adult industry behind. She mentioned this during a podcast conversation and stated that she wants to focus on individual projects and create content on her own without collaboration.

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