The Shear Factor: Elevate Your Salon Experience

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A barber knows what is the worth of scissors. Choosing the right scissors is an essential element in this field. A client comes with lots of expectations. And the barber has to fulfill their expectations. The best professional shears enhance your skills. Understanding the various types of scissors is essential for selecting the best hair-cutting scissors. A barber can choose the perfect scissors for his needs with ease if he is fully informed about the various kinds of scissors and their characteristics. In this blog, we will explore different tips and tricks related to shears. 

Key Factors To Be Considered While Choosing Best Professional Shears 

  1. The Dimensions and Length

Manufacturers are attempting to innovate the range of scissors in this advanced era. Now even they are making fancy scissors for boosting up the hairdressers. Hair shears are typically 6 inches long, with handles and “eyes” of the same diameter. Other types of shears are designed for very large cutting jobs. The best professional shears are available in different lengths; the handles range from less than 6 inches to more than 6 inches, with one handle typically being longer than the other. Scissors are used for more straightforward cutting tasks.

  1. Designs of the Blades

Blades should only ever come together once at any one place and have a slight concavity on the inside. The screws holding the blades together should make it simple for experts to reassemble and sharpen them. Mostly there are two types of blades. These are following

  • Blades With A Beveled Edge

These are the most common because they are the most traditional. They do, however, have a major drawback in that they make more complex cutting methods more challenging, like slide cutting.

  • Convex blades

Convex blades produce smoother, more durable cuts because of their curved outer face, which sharpens the edge’s angle. Professional hairstylists therefore tend to favor convex blades more frequently.

  1. Regarding The Grip

To guarantee a secure grip, the handle of the best professional shears should have a cozy “eye” where the fingers can fit. Over time, handles’ eyes have undergone size and shape changes. Some have finishes lined with rubber or another plastic material to make them more comfortable for fingers to grip and cut with for extended periods. Make sure the scissor handles “fit” your hands when selecting a pair. There are different types of handles with different gripping. If we talk about fancy scissors, they are adorned in a way that does not compromise their comfort. 

  • Opposing Handle

First off, while it appears to be the most symmetrical, the opposing grip is the least comfortable for the hand and wrist. This is because many standard treatments require the stylist to push back their thumb and elevate their elbow.

  • Offset Handle

The offset handle isn’t much better, unfortunately. The grip still forces the elbow upward even though the thumb location on this model is shorter and therefore closer to its natural form. 

  • Crane Handle

For your present cutting needs, it is said that the crane and rotating crane represent the most recent advancements in the best professional shears handle technology.

  1. How Can Quality Be Assured?

If you have simple scissors or fancy scissors, examining them is the necessary step. Examine the shears (with them closed) from the side. The tips of the blades should meet and you should be able to see in between them. The hair shear should be fully opened to allow the blades to collide. Rather than staying open or closed all the way, the blades should meet about halfway.

Careful Handling

No one else should receive your haircutting shears as they may not know how to maintain them. Treat with care. Avoid tossing them onto the counter while using them as this can harm the shears’ cutting edge and alignment, which will impair the cutting action. But for the fancy scissors, extra care is mandatory.

How To Clean And Air Dry The Shears?

  1. Use soap or alcohol and warm water to clean them to get rid of any remaining barbicide.
  2. Use a gentle, dry cloth or towel to pat them dry so as not to cause any scratches or harm.
  3. Gently wipe each blade, avoiding contact with the cutting surface.
  4. Since the build-up occurs here, wipe the area where the blades meet at the pivot to get rid of any hidden hair pieces.
  5. To dry them, use your hair dryer. A forced air dryer can cause issues with scissor alignment, so avoid using one.
  6. Place them in their case securely.


In conclusion, choosing the best professional shears requires an understanding of the different kinds of scissors. If a barber is well-versed in the different types of scissors and their attributes, he can easily select the ideal pair for his purposes. There are different types of scissors, choose according to your skills and the wanted style. But if you want your scissors to be stylish, you can choose the fancy scissors. While many of the hairdressers choose simple ones.

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