Tichina Arnold Net Worth: A Story of Talent and Determination
Tichina Arnold Net Worth: A Story of Talent and Determination

Tichina Arnold Net Worth: A Story of Talent and Determination

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Tichina Arnold Net Worth
of $12.5 Million

Tichina Arnold Net Worth

Tichina Arnold is a highly respected American actress and singer, known for her remarkable talent and versatility in the entertainment industry. Tichina Arnold net worth value is $12.5 million and she has established herself as a prominent figure in television. Arnold’s breakout role came as Pamela James on the FOX sitcom “Martin,” where she starred alongside Martin Lawrence from 1992 to 1997. Her portrayal of ‘Pam’ showcased her comedic timing and ability to deliver memorable performances, contributing significantly to the show’s success and earning her a dedicated fan base.

Source of incomeActing, Music
Net Worth12.5 Million 

Beyond “Martin,” Arnold’s career has been defined by a series of standout roles, showcasing her range as an actress. One of her most acclaimed roles was as Rochelle, the tough but loving mother, in the beloved sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris” from 2005 to 2009.

Critics praised her performance in the show for its humor and depth, further solidifying Arnold’s status as a versatile and talented actress who can effortlessly switch between comedy and drama. Arnold continues to be a force in the entertainment industry, captivating audiences with her exceptional talent and leaving a lasting impact on television.

Tichina Arnold Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (Millions)

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Tichina Arnold’s net worth has seen steady growth over the years, reflecting her successful career in the entertainment industry. In 2019, her net worth was estimated at $5.5 million, which increased to $6.5 million in 2020. The following year, in 2021, Arnold’s net worth rose to $8.5 million, highlighting her continued success and financial prosperity. By 2022, her net worth had reached $10.5 million, further solidifying her position as a financially successful actress. In 2023, Arnold’s net worth continued to grow, reaching $11.5 million. As of 2024, her net worth stands at an impressive $12.5 million, showcasing her enduring relevance and success in the entertainment industry.

Profile summary of Tichina Arnold

Full/Real name Tichina Rolanda Arnold’
NicknameTichina Arnold
Birth date Jun 28, 1969
Age (As of 2023)54 years old
Zodiac SignCancer
Ethnicity African-American 
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherGene Arnold
SiblingsZenay Arnold
Marital statusIn a relationship
SpouseCarvin Haggins, DaRico Hines (M. 2012, D.2016)
ChildrenDaughter: Alijah Kai Haggins (born 2004)
ProfessionActor, Singer

Tichina Arnold Physical Features

Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorDark Brown
Height5’6″ (168cm)
Weight128lbs (58kg)

Tichina Arnold’s striking features, including her black eyes and dark brown hair, are well-known. Standing at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (168 centimeters) and weighing around 128 pounds (58 kilograms), Arnold has a balanced and proportionate physique. Her physical attributes complement her vibrant personality and charismatic presence, contributing to her allure both on and off the screen.

Tichina Arnold’s Early Life and Career Beginnings

Tichina Arnold's Early Life and Career Beginnings

Tichina Rolanda Arnold’s journey in the entertainment industry began in Queens, New York City, where she was born on June 28, 1969, into a middle-class family. Raised in the Church of God in Christ, Arnold’s upbringing was grounded in faith. Her mother, Diane, worked at the sanitation department, while her father served as a police officer, providing a stable environment for Arnold to explore her passions.

Arnold’s early talent for singing was evident, as she started performing at church at the tender age of four. Her love for the arts led her to the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts, where she honed her skills. At just eight years old, Arnold landed a part in the play “The Me Nobody Knows,” staged at the Billie Holiday Theater in Brooklyn. This early success fueled her passion for performing, and she continued to showcase her talents in various theaters and supper clubs, laying the foundation for her future career in the spotlight.

Tichina Arnold Career

Tichina Arnold Career
1986“Little Shop of Horrors”Chorus GirlFilm debut, alongside Tisha Campbell
1987“Ryan’s Hope”Zena BrownSoap opera; received Daytime Emmy Award nomination
1988“Starlight: A Musical Movie”TV movie
1989“How I Got into College”
1989“All My Children”Sharla ValentineABC-TV daytime drama
1992-1997“Martin”Pamela JamesMain role
1998“The Jamie Foxx Show”Guest appearance
1999“The Norm Show”Guest appearance
1999“Pacific Blue”Guest appearance
2001-2005“One on One”Nicole BarnesRecurring role
2005-2009“Everybody Hates Chris”RochelleMain role
2011-2013“Happily Divorced”Main cast member
2014-2017“Survivor’s Remorse”Main cast member
2018-present“The Neighborhood”Main role
2011“Raising Hope”Guest appearance
2014“Hit the Floor”Guest appearance
2015“Black Dynamite”Guest appearance
2016“The Eric Andre Show”Guest appearance
2017“Daytime Divas”Guest appearance
2018“Lockdown”Guest appearance

Tichina Arnold’s illustrious career began to take shape during her teenage years, marked by her appearance in Frank Oz’s musical film “Little Shop of Horrors” in 1986. She played one of the chorus girls, sharing the screen with Tisha Campbell, who would later become her co-star in the future. This early foray into film paved the way for Arnold’s steady rise in the 1980s, with roles in movies like “Starlight: A Musical Movie” (1988) and “How I Got into College” (1989).

More About Career

In 1987, Arnold landed her first significant television role as Zena Brown on the soap opera “Ryan’s Hope,” a role she portrayed until the series ended in 1989. Her performance garnered her a Daytime Emmy Award nomination in 1988. Shortly after, in 1989, she joined the cast of the ABC-TV daytime drama “All My Children” as Sharla Valentine, remaining on the show until 1991.

However, it was her role as Pamela James on the sitcom “Martin” that truly catapulted Arnold to stardom. She played the best friend of Tisha Campbell’s character, Gina Waters-Payne, and remained a main cast member throughout the series’ run from 1992 to 1997. Arnold continued to make her mark on television with roles in shows like “The Jamie Foxx Show” (1998), “The Norm Show” (1999), and “Pacific Blue” (1999), before landing a recurring role as Nicole Barnes on “One on One” from 2001 to 2005.

In 2005, Arnold began portraying Rochelle, the family matriarch, on the sitcom “Everybody Hates Chris,” a role she held until 2009. She continued to excel on television, appearing in shows like “Happily Divorced” (2011-2013), “Survivor’s Remorse” (2014-2017), and “The Neighborhood” (2018-present). Arnold has also showcased her acting prowess in various films, including “Scenes from a Mall” (1991), “Civil Brand” (2002), and “A Day Late and a Dollar Short” (2014). She has reunited with Martin Lawrence in films like “Big Momma’s House” (2000) and “Wild Hogs” (2007), showcasing her comedic talents alongside her versatility as an actress.

Tichina Arnold Relationship Status

Tichina Arnold Relationship Status
Carvin HagginsPreviously in a relationship; had one daughter, Alijah Kai Haggins (born 2004)
DaRico HinesMarried in August 2012 in Honolulu, Hawaii; divorced in January 2016; allegations of infidelity

Tichina Arnold’s personal life has seen its share of ups and downs. She was previously in a relationship with music producer Carvin Haggins, with whom she shares a daughter, Alijah Kai Haggins, born in 2004. Despite their split, Arnold remains dedicated to co-parenting their daughter. In August 2012, Arnold tied the knot with DaRico Hines, who served as the former assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors.

However, less than four years after exchanging vows, the couple announced their divorce in January 2016. The divorce was surrounded by controversy, with allegations surfacing that Hines had been unfaithful to Arnold during their marriage, including the production of a sex tape with another woman. Despite the challenges she has faced in her personal life, Arnold continues to focus on her career and being a devoted mother to her daughter.

Tichina Arnold Awards and Recognition

Tichina Arnold Awards and Recognition

Tichina Arnold’s talent and dedication to her craft have not gone unnoticed, as evidenced by the awards and recognition she has received. She has been honored with two NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series, acknowledging her exceptional performances in “Martin” and “Everybody Hates Chris.” Additionally, Arnold’s versatility as a performer was recognized with a nomination for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host for her contributions to “The Talk.” These accolades reflect her skill and impact in the entertainment industry, solidifying her status as a respected and acclaimed actress.

Tichina Arnold Entrepreneurial Ventures and Philanthropy

Tichina Arnold Entrepreneurial Ventures and Philanthropy

In 1998, Tichina Arnold embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing her own company, China Moon Rags. Specializing in designer headgear, the company offered Swarovski crystal-embroidered bandanas that quickly gained popularity among celebrities. Notable figures such as Tisha Campbell, Janet Jackson, Regina King, Christina Aguilera, Vivica A. Fox, and Lisa Raye McCoy were all seen sporting Arnold’s unique designs. However, Arnold decided to halt production after the birth of her daughter, prioritizing her family life.

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Arnold is also deeply committed to philanthropy. Inspired by her sister Zenay, who battles Lupus, Arnold, and Zenay joined forces in 2013 to launch the We Win Foundation.

The divorce was surrounded by controversy, with allegations surfacing that Hines had been unfaithful to Arnold during their marriage, including the production of a sex tape with another woman. Through her philanthropic efforts, Arnold continues to make a positive impact in the lives of others, using her platform to advocate for important causes and contribute to the betterment of society.

Tichina Arnold Real estate

Tichina Arnold Real estate

In January 2018, Tichina Arnold made a significant investment in her future by purchasing a home in Los Angeles for $933,000. This move likely reflected her desire for stability and a place to call her own in the bustling city known for its entertainment industry. However, like many homeowners, Arnold’s circumstances and plans evolved over time. In July 2023, she made the decision to list the property for sale, setting an asking price of $2 million. Various factors, such as a desire for a change of scenery, financial considerations, or a shift in her housing needs or preferences, could have influenced this decision.

Despite listing the property, Arnold ultimately decided to pull the listing, indicating a change of heart or perhaps a reassessment of her real estate goals. Various factors, including market conditions, personal circumstances, and evolving life plans, can influence decisions in the real estate market. This is not uncommon. Arnold’s experience highlights the dynamic nature of real estate ownership and the importance of carefully considering one’s options before making a decision as significant as selling a home.

People Also ask ( FAQs)

1. How much does Tichina Arnold make?

Tichina Arnold earns an impressive salary per episode on “The Neighborhood,” reportedly around $150,000 as of 2024. This makes her one of the highest-paid actresses on television, a testament to her immense talent and popularity.

2. How much money is Pam from Martin worth?

Tichina Arnold’s net worth is estimated to be $12.5 million. She rose to fame for her role as Pamela James on the sitcom “Martin” and has since enjoyed a successful television career, appearing in shows like “Everybody Hates Chris” and “The Neighborhood.” Arnold has also ventured into entrepreneurial ventures.

3. Who is Tichina Arnold’s baby daddy?

Tichina Arnold has a daughter named Alijah Kai Haggins, born on March 16, 2004, whom she shares with music producer Carvin Haggins. In an interview with Joan Rivers, Arnold revealed that she had previously believed she was unable to conceive due to her struggles with endometriosis.

4. Does Tichina Arnold’s daughter act?

Alijah Kai Haggins, Tichina Arnold’s daughter, does not appear to be actively involved in acting.

5. Does Tichina Arnold have any children?

Yes, Tichina Arnold has a daughter named Alijah Kai Haggins, born on March 16, 2004, whom she shares with music producer Carvin Haggins.

Final Words

Tichina Arnold net worth has steadily increased from $5.5 million in 2019 to $12.5 million in 2024, reflecting her successful career in the entertainment industry. Known for her roles in popular TV shows like “Martin” and “Everybody Hates Chris,” Arnold has built a solid reputation and fan base over the years. Her financial prosperity not only underscores her talent and hard work but also highlights her enduring relevance in Hollywood. As her net worth continues to grow, Arnold’s influence and impact in the entertainment industry remain strong, solidifying her status as a respected and successful actress.

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