Top 3 Tools to Improve Sound Quality with Audio Enhancer

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Improving the sound quality of your content is the dream of every content creator. Be it a podcaster, videographer, lecturer, teacher, host, etc. 

AI technology has made sound quality enhancement simple and swift for users. These days advanced AI tools are available online that quickly enhance the sound quality of your content. These amazing tools are known as audio enhancers. 

In today’s blog, we have brought the top three AI audio enhancers that will assist you in sound quality improvement. 

So, without further delay, let’s discuss our tools!

ai audio enhancer as its name suggests is an AI voice enhancer that improves the sound quality of your podcast, video, audio, and other content. It improves the audio in several ways i.e. by removing the background noises, improving sound quality, clarifying and enhancing speech sounds, and fixing the sound levels and loudness.

It offers many features that make it a top-not audio enhancer AI, these features are discussed below:

  1. Background Noise Removal – This is the most important feature of this tool. It targets different noises (continuous, intermittent, interval, and low-frequency) and removes them to make the sound crisp and clear. 
  2. Sound quality improvement – this voice enhancer improves the sound quality of your audio or video file by increasing the speech sounds and diminishing the background sounds and noises. The outcome thus generator is audible and clear.
  3. Speed sounds clarification – this audio enhancer makes the speed sounds clear and audible by removing the reverberations and hissings. The output thus generated has more intelligible sounds.
  4. Sound level fixing – it fixes the loudness, softness, frequency, amplitude, pitch, bass, sharpness, etc. To make the sound better audible and improved. 
  5. Processing limit – this AI voice enhancer can process multiple audio/video files (1-10), with sizes up to 2-4 GB, and duration from a few minutes to several hours. 
  6. Processing time – the audio enhancer AI takes a few minutes to fix the sound quality of your audio which is super fast as compared to manual audio enhancement. 
  7. Content Customization – it can customize the audio enhancement according to the type of content making it professional and according to the content type.
  8. Interface – this audio enhancer has the simplest interface that is easy to navigate. All you need is to upload your file/s, choose the enhancement option and content type, start the tool, and sit back and relax while it works on your audio.
  9. Cost – this voice enhancer offers its services free as well as paid. You can only improve a 5-minute-long audio or video using the free version. If you want to enhance longer audio or video files, you must upgrade to the premium subscription.

voice enhancer is an AI noise remover and voice enhancer. It improves the quality of the audio or video by removing the noises and enhancing and clarifying the speech sounds. It ensures the content is optimized without losing the important speech sounds. It can also remove noises from musical and lyrical audios and videos which makes it a perfect tool for podcasters, videographers, singers, musicians, lecturers, etc. 

This tool offers many features that make it the top-notch audio enhancer AI, these features are discussed below in detail: 

  1. Noise Removal – The noise removal is specially designed to target the noises in the background of your audio that hinder the audibility of speech sounds. It effectively removes the noises without losing any of the speech. 
  2. Sound quality improvement – this AI voice enhancer improved the sound quality by increasing the volume of speech sounds and removing the noises.
  3. Speed sounds clarification – it is used to clarify the speech sounds by removing the echo, hissings, sound mixings, etc. that make the audio and speech sounds unintelligible. 
  4. Sound level fixing – it amends the loudness, softness, frequency, amplitude, pitch, bass, sharpness, etc. to give your audio improved sound quality. 
  5. Processing limit – This audio enhancer AI can process 5-minute long audio/video files with sizes up to 50 MB. 
  6. Processing time – It is an AI audio enhancer that works automatically to improve the audio, the time it usually takes to improve an audio/video file spans from a few seconds to a few minutes. 
  7. Content Customization – It improves the audio according to the type of content it is used in making sure the outcome is according to the content convention. 
  8. Interface – has a super simple interface that makes it a user-friendly tool for audio enhancement and noise removal. 
  9. Cost – it is a free tool that offers its services online without signing up or making an account. 

ai voice enhancer offers a great AI voice enhancer that professionally improves the voice quality of your content. It offers both manual and automatic audio enhancement options. It improves the sound quality of the content by removing the noises and enhancing the speech sounds. 

This audio enhancer also offers many features that make it one of the best tools on the internet, let’s have a look at these features:

  1. Noise removal – The noise causes the audio to sound rough and it also irritates the listeners. The noise removal feature ensures that all the noise from the background is removed. 
  2. Sound Improvement – this voice enhancer enhances the main sound of the audio to give it an audible and clear outcome. 
  3. Editing – it offers an AI audio editing option as well as a manual editing option. AI is faster but many users prefer editing their audio manually, especially musicians and singers. 
  4. Interface – it has a user-friendly interface that is simple to understand and operate. 
  5. Cost – it offers both free and paid services. It is a freemium tool. 


After going through the features of all these tools, you get the idea that they are user-friendly tools and provide the best results. In fact, these are the distinguished features that make them the top three audio enhancers on the internet. 

So, which tool would you use for your content? Comment below and don’t forget to tell us why you choose a specific gadget!

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