Traditional Movie Cinemas V/S Digital Entertainment Platforms – Role of Multimedia Localization

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Cinemas and streaming platforms, both have their own pros and cons. If cinemas provide incredible graphics then these streaming platforms provide a more personalized experience. This tug of war remains between the two concepts. However, the main thing is that the popularity of movies and TV shows is not going to reduce even a fraction of what it is these days. This is where multimedia localization solutions show us their role in the success of the film industry.

Not only do we here talk about multimedia localization in the context of both services, but also how subtitling services are responsible for the latest trend in watching movies.

Difference Between Theatre and Cinema

Before talking about the clash of cinemas and OTT platforms, first, let’s be clear on one thing. There is a huge difference between theaters and cinemas which we often need to pay more attention to. Cinemas are buildings where we watch films. If you want to watch a movie the day it is released, the cinema should be your go-to place. Theaters, on the other hand, are places for performing plays. To make it simple for you, the era of Shakespeare is theatrical. If you have seen a Shakespeare play, you are clearly aware of the concept of a play and how it is performed.

Theaters and cinemas both are the places for the true depiction of art. According to some people, it is the place where magic happens. And thanks to technology that today we have so many new ways for the depiction of art. Not only do theaters and cinemas depict art but also shed light on the issues of our society. If we are specifically talking about cinemas, one thing which feels compulsory to mention is the role of subtitling services. You might ask why even is it necessary to mention?

Multimedia Localization in the Entertainment Industry

One of the reasons why the entertainment industry is thriving today is because of the integration of multimedia localization services. These localization solutions are responsible for making the foreign content adaptable for the target audience. In this way, the entertainment productions become global and help the industry generate greater revenue.

One thing that you shouldn’t forget is the permanent addition of subtitling services in these localization solutions. Subtitles not only help multilingual people but also for people suffering from hearing abilities. Sometimes if you are in a noisy environment, it is these subtitles that help you understand what is going on the screen.

Recent Trend of OTT Platforms

OTT platforms are short for over the top platforms. These platforms are responsible for providing content over the internet while the user remains in his/her comfort zone. It means that you don’t need to visit anywhere to watch movies or TV shows, like in cinemas. You can have access to any show after paying the monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Easy Accessibility at Home

You can watch a show of your own choice while staying in your comfort place. It means that any movie present on the internet will be accessible for you. You can watch these shows whenever you want with the full liberty of rewinding the videos. So now we know that it is actually multimedia localization solutions that help us get adapted content on our feed.

Cost Effectiveness

Instead of going to the cinema and investing in movie tickets and popcorn, you can sit at home and watch movies and TV shows. So why not do that? Just jump on your bed in your comfortable environment and enjoy your favorite show. On the plus side, buying a subscription of these streaming services is cheaper than going to a cinema.

Why Choose Cinemas?

There are multiple reasons why people love going to cinemas. One of those reasons is the prospect of freshly released movies. And guess what it takes time for these movies to get uploaded on platforms like Netflix and Amazon. So why not watch them on their release day? This is why movie lovers prefer to watch films in cinemas.

Big Screen Experience

In cinemas, you get to watch new movies on a bigger screen. Want to watch movies in 3D? You know where to go. Watching movies in 3D is a milestone of the cinema industry. Here you get to experience as if the characters are just in front of you. You can experience this at home too but for that you will have to invest in a larger size LED screen which is more expensive than buying tickets.

Finding Like-Minded People

In cinemas, you also meet new people with whom you share an interest. Talking about a movie sparks communication. This is a great way to enhance your social skills and make friends. Don’t you have made friends at a cinema just because of a movie?Other than this, cinemas also offer you movies with better sound effects. So why not go to the cinema with your friends or colleagues?

Cinemas or Digital Entertainment Platforms – Which One is Great For You?

Cinemas and digital streaming services have their own pros and cons. This doesn’t mean that any one of the above is masking the effect or popularity of the other one. What matters the most is that, it is really you who decides?. Watching a movie alone at your home on a small screen or in a cinema with different people? The choice is yours, but we bet that you are going to enjoy the cinema scenario.

Final Words!

To sum up, both experiences are astonishing. The revolution of technology is the reason that we can watch movies and TV shows in our homes. However, in cinemas you can find people with the same interests as you and also make new friends. With the help of multimedia localization, the movies and TV shows that you watch are successfully adapted for you, hence giving you a more personalized experience.

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